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Christmas in Japan

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 14/12/2016

Hi there.

It’s sooo hot today!

I still can’t get used to Summer Christmas even this is the fifth time…


Do you wish to run away to snowy Christmas time?

It is a great idea to spend Christmas time in Japan as is one of the countries that you can experience Christmas in winter.


However, you should know what Japanese people do in Christmas.


①Japanese people celebrate on 24th.

Usually, we go out or have special meal on 24th.


②Christmas is an event for a couple

Many people spend Christmas with boyfriend/girlfriend.



③Eat KFC for Christmas

Japanese people eat KFC instead of preparing turkeys.

This is not because we are lazy but we had no idea to prepare turkeys and what to eat.

My Australian friend screamed ‘Whaaaaaatttttttt???????!!!’ when I told this story.

Do you feel the same?



If you are familiar with those, now it’s the time to go to Japan to experience different story.

But even if you are not, don’t need to be sad.

We celebrate the New Year Day more than Christmas day.

We eat special food called Osechi, spend time with family, go to shrine/temple for praying/wishing.


New Year Day is Christmas for us, and this is gonna be amazing experience for you!

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