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General Japanese: Intermediate2

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 13/07/2017

Japanese Language Class: Intermediate2 

In Japanese Intermediate2 class, Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm, we talked about person/quote/experience that influenced myself in class.

One student likes outdoor because her grandmother took her to hiking when she was little while her parents like inside activities.

Another student mentioned about her personality, she is open-minded because she was traveling a lot of countries in childhood.


Some students introduced their favorite quotes and we tried to translate one of them.


Very impressive.

The student said she always sets a bit high goal and tries to reach it.
Even if she can not, she thinks it is okay to re-set the goal.

Here is out translation:




I introduced my favorite quote, too.

↑We already have the translation in Japanese.

When I have difficulties and challenges,  I always try to see the outcomes.

And I believe that makes me confident and experienced.


At Intermediate level, we focus on out-put skills in communicating in Japanese.

After getting some ideas and information about the topic from reading materials and some videos, we do discussion, debate, and sometimes speech.


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