BBI College Japanese Language School (BBIC) is a Japanese language school based in Sydney City. We offer a range of courses suiting all Japanese levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as those designed around certain study goals. Students can also choose between group or private lessons, guaranteeing a class that suits your objectives. The school has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere with friendly teachers who make learning Japanese fun. Events and gatherings are also held with Japanese exchange students living in Sydney, letting you mingle with native Japanese speakers to ensure a well-rounded, satisfying experience.


Why Choose BBIC?
BBIC Courses
Free Trial Lessons and Japanese Assessment Tests
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Why Choose BBIC?

A Large Selection of Courses For All Levels and Goals

We offer a wide range of different courses, including General Japanese, which is split into seven Japanese levels; as well as classes to meet certain goals, like Travel Japanese, JLPT Preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Japanese Lessons, and more. Whether you wish to study or work in Japan, learn Japanese for an upcoming trip, or to better appreciate your hobbies, our curriculums will meet your needs to ensure effective learning together with classmates who share the same goal. In addition to group lessons, private lessons are also available, so you can learn in your own unique way.

High Student Retention and Satisfaction

BBIC proudly boasts one of the highest student satisfaction rates of all Japanese language schools in Australia. Our retention rate is also extremely high at 80%. All teachers are native speakers born in Japan, and have ample experience teaching Japanese. They strive not just to teach the language, but to keep students happy and motivated. Under their guidance, students will master the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing through a balance of learning everyday conversation and grammar structures while gaining a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

Events to Mingle With Japanese Exchange Students

Along with studying, we believe it’s important to use what you’re learning. BBIC’s parent organisation is a Sydney-based agency that supports Japanese exchange students living in Australia. This lets us host exchange events for Japanese learners and speakers to come together at venues like pubs, the school, and more, which are very popular with Japanese exchange students who have just come to Australia.

Ask Us About Free Trial Lessons and Japanese Assessment Tests!

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BBIC Courses

  • General Japanese

    General Japanese

    Separated into 7 courses for different levels (Beginner/Upper-Beginner/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate/Advanced/J-plus)

  • Travel Japanese

    Travel Japanese

    Focuses on everyday conversations over grammar. You’ll learn phrases and expressions useful for travelling in Japan.

  • JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Preparation

    JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Preparation

    A preparation course for the JLPT examination, which includes building vocabulary, improving grammar, and tips and tricks for reading and listening.

  • HSC (Higher School Certificate) Preparation

    HSC (Higher School Certificate) Preparation

    A preparation course for the NSW HSC (Higher School Certificate) following high school graduation. Covers all Japanese language levels.

  • Private Japanese Lesson

    Private Japanese Lesson

    Private lessons are designed around the goals and abilities of individual students. Covers all Japanese language levels.

  • Japanese Trial Class

    Japanese Trial Class

    A lower-priced trial course teaching useful expressions and phrases through a variety of activities. this course taught by someone studying to become a teacher.

Free Trial Lessons and
Japanese Assessment Tests

Trial Lessons

BBIC holds free Japanese trial lessons, letting you experience the class you’re interested in or that matches your level. You can also come and watch a class to see how it looks without actually joining.

Free Trial Lesson

Japanese Assessment Tests

BBIC runs free tests for those wanting to check their current Japanese level. All are welcome to take the test, even those with no plans to join BBIC.

Free assessment

Student Testimonials


A. All courses are run by teachers with over 10 years of Japanese teaching experience, both in Australia and overseas, and who can guide the class in English with a student-centred approach. Depending on the level of students, some teachers also take a more direct teaching approach.

A. Yes, to learn effectively, we require that students purchase textbooks. However, as some students in the Beginner level are unsure of whether they want to continue, teachers will provide course materials for these lessons.

A. Those in Beginner course levels 1-3 can also join the Japanese Trial Class held on Thursdays in addition to their regular class for free. We recommend this for those looking to revise and practise what they learnt in class.

A. The Japanese Trial Class, held on Thursdays, is taught by someone studying to become a teacher, and is therefore priced lower. Plus, those who complete the Trial Class can also be admitted to the Beginner 2 level.

A. Yes, BBIC has experienced teachers that run HSC Preparation courses. For many years, we have offered tailor-made classes that are designed around each student’s Japanese level, background, learning preferences, goals, secondary school progress, and more. We recommend preparing for HSC a year in advance, but we can also hold the class from up to three months before.

A. Yes, we have preparation courses for the JLPT, which is held in July and December each year. Comparing the Japanese level the student is aiming for (N5-N1) with their current abilities, we can design a personalised course aimed at passing the exam. We have had many students pass the JLPT, including N1.

A. Yes. In the J-plus level, which is the highest of the General Japanese course for advanced students of N2 or above, students will share and discuss current topics in class like news or events in Japanese. This is a great class for those who wish to maintain or improve a high level of Japanese proficiency.

A. BBIC can serve as an agency between Japanese language schools and universities covering all subjects and regions of Japan, both for long and short stays. Please chat with us if you’re interested!

A. We place students in the class best suited for their level based on the Japanese Assessment Test. So, if you have a friend with the same Japanese ability as you, you can study together. Plus, those who introduce a friend to BBIC will receive a $50 gift voucher!

Ask Us About Free Trial Lessons and Japanese Assessment Tests!

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