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HSC Japanese 2017

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 18/11/2017

HSC Japanese learners in 2017, おつかれさまでした!


Like 2016, there is no big change.

It should be a trend that they assess the language style in context through Beginners to Extension.

Not only language style but also intonation and prominence, how Japanese people express and add meaning in their conversation verbally.

For example, in Beginner listening part, you will hear casual form in conversation. In casual conversation, we need to notice whether it is question sentence or not by intonation at the end of the sentences. This is because Japanese people do not use the question marker 「(です)か」 in casual language.

Expecting what is likely to happen next is asked in Continuers listening. A conversation finishes with ‘Do you have a mobile with you?’. In English and low context languages, it means ‘Do you have a mobile with you?’. But in Japanese and high context languages, it does not mean literary. It means ‘May I use you mobile (as I don’t have it now)?’ So, to answer this question, Speaker A is likely to let Speaker B use Speaker A’s mobile as Speaker B left the mobile at home.


In Continuers reading and comprehension part, there is an interesting question this year.
The style is still the same but students need to think and add more information such as ‘kind activity’ and ‘unique hobby’. Also, they are required to show that students understand how to negotiate in Japanese. I can’t stop thinking that this question is beneficial for Japanese Continuers learners as they might use this negotiation skill when they do a tutor in the future. Or even they should have wanted to know this skill while they are studying for HSC.


Again, it is important in HSC Japanese exam that you add or comment what you think about the activity in the contents. It is not enough to mention what you did/do even in detail. As you might know, because you are studying grammar structures first and develop your knowledge and language skill in to a specific activity such as recommending, and requesting. So students are required those skills to develop their conversation and understand high context conversation according to the information which they get from the passage.


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