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hsc textbookHigh School Certificate as known as HSC is the biggest exam throughout primary and secondary education in Australia. HSC requires students to take at least 10 units to achieve from more than 100 subjects including 35 languages to choose as HSC subject. However, HSC consists of the biggest exam at the end of Year12 (50%) and also school based assessments through Year11 to Year12 including the Trials before the last one.

In HSC exam, you can choose Japanese as an exam subject, and Japanese is divided in 5 levels, Japanese Beginners, Japanese Continuers, Japanese Extension, Japanese Heritage, and Japanese Background Speaker. The applicants will be assessed their Japanese language skills by reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The written exam (reading, writing, and listening) is usually held in October while speaking test is organised in August.

Each examination time is as below:

Speaking Listening Reading Writing
Beginners 5min 40min 60min 50min
Continuers 10min 30min 80min 60min
Extension 10min - 60min 40min
Heritage 10min 105min 45min
Background 10min 50min 60min 30min

For examination preparation

Board of Study website provides past exam papers to allow students to practice HSC by themselves. They also provide the marking guidelines, but do you think it is enough to correct your answer? Would you like to develop your answers more efficiently?

Our Japanese teachers are all native and experienced in HSC preparation, so they are able to guide how you prepare for the exam based on each student’s strength and weakness. Also, the teachers are analysing the trend of exam style every year since the question style is updated and minor-changed every few years. Especially, the theme and prescribed issues in Japanese Extension change every five years, so students keen to find out how to understand the background of Japanese society related the contents and answer the questions.

HSC Japanese preparation course at BBIC

We provide private lesson with a native Japanese teacher. This is because all students progress differently and each approach should be taken for each student with smart study advice. For example, a Japanese Beginner student wanted to improve writing and speaking. However, the teacher suggested to start from grammar study including revision as the student’s writing contained few grammar structures, which the examiner would deduct marks. In reading and listening, students can guess the meaning with some vocabularies that they know in the passage, but in expressive language skills, students are required to present how much they learned and understand in their writing and speaking test. A Japanese Continuers student, on the other hand, had strength of grammar structure and vocabularies. So the teacher let the student focus on the contents of writing and speaking, and did not ‘lecture’ grammar structures but corrected grammatical mistakes in it. Also, the teacher tried to broaden the student’s idea and experiences comprehensively rather than correcting mistakes.

After HSC, you can even keep studying Japanese at higher educational institution such as University of Sydney, UNSW, Macquarie University, etc, or even with us for further comprehension of Japanese cultures!!

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Courses cover:

Course Level Textbook Contents Time Price
HSC Preparation - Original Or you can bring your textbook Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar Flexible Schedule
Refer to NSW Calender (50min x 10sessions)

Why don’t you try our Cultural Workshop before applying! We can offer suitable work shop for you.

HSC Preparation course : Unique One Word, Speaking and Writing for HSC will be organised before the trials and exams.
Also you can get FREE LEVEL CHECK during the workshop, the trainer will assess your Japanese level if you want. Then you can have a short discussion with the rainer about your study plan of Japanese.
See more details on Workshop page.

Japanese Course

BBIC Japanese Language School provides a variety of classes. General Japanese (Beginner/Upper-Beginner/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Advanced), Travel Japanese, JLPT preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Japanese Lesson. Our Japanese group lesson and private lesson can commit your needs and goals of your Japanese study through intensive teaching method with the most affordable price in Sydney.


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