Frequently asked questions about BBICollege Japanese Language School - how to enrol, number of students in class, what textbook we use, teaching method: in Japanese or in English, things you need to know before going Japan, requirements and procedures to study aboard in Japan, etc.

Q: Do you teach in English or Japanese?

A: From Beginner to Pre-Intermediate courses, basically we use the indirect method. This is because we don’t want students to be afraid to start learning Japanese. However, teachers will use the vocabularies and grammars that you learned in previous lessons for further comprehensive. The more lessons, the more Japanese!

Q: How do I know which level should enroll in?

A: Please refer the course contents and some textbooks introduced. There is also face-to-face level check available if you want. (Please contact admin to book an appointment.)

Q: How many students are in a class?

A: All of classes (except for HSC) are a minimum 3 and a maximum 8 students per class.

Q: Am I required to purchase a textbook for class?

A: Yes. Our courses do require students to purchase their own textbook to bring in every classes or even preview and review lessons if you need. You will use one textbook for at least 3 terms.

Q: What happens when my class falls on public holidays?

A: We run 8-weeks course per term. If your class falls on public holidays, the class will be replaced on the 9th week of same day and same time. For example, if you take Monday 6:00-8:00 class and 4th class falls on a public holiday, the class will be replaced on Monday 6:00-8:00 of the following weeks of the 8th weeks.

Q: What happens if I miss a class?

A: For General Japanese, JLPT, Travel Japanese, if you missed your lesson you can't keep it for next lesson. However you are able to take private catch-up lesson if you want. There are $27.50 per hour. Please contact admin to make up the lesson.​

Q: If I want to study abroad in Japan…

Is it okay I can’t speak Japanese?

A: No problem.

However, some school require you to finish studying basic Japanese language skill. You can start essential Japanese with us to study abroad in Japan. The most beneficial fact of starting to learn Japanese before you go to Japan is that you would not be troubled with survive in Japan in language aspect. A Japanese school advised us that it is much better you can recognise the Japanese writing system and understand basic structures before you start learning Japanese in Japan. This is because students are in Japanese circumstance and able to communicate with Japanese people outside of the class. Japanese school encourage you to use Japanese with ‘real’ Japanese people, so they don’t want you to spend time to study the Japanese writing system in classroom or your home and use your Japanese (even if it’s at beginner level). We also think you want to be already able to describe why you came to Japan in Japanese when arriving in Japan.

So, let’s enrol to BBICollege now or inquire for the course.

Please also check our Japanese course that suits your current Japanese language skill.

Which visa and How can I apply for the visa?

Which visa you need apply is depending on how long you wish to stay in Japan.

●Tourist VISA ( ~ 3 months )

If you are an Australian passport holder, you do not need to take any process to get tourist visa.
Some countries’ passport holders are the same, but others are not. Please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website to check the detail.

Many school organise short term course from 1 week duration and even seasonal package study throughout the year, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Please inquire us about which school organises short term course.

●Working Holiday VISA ( 3 months ~ 1 year )

To obtain Working Holiday visa, an applicant must be an Australian citizen and currently living in Australia. An applicant must be aged between 18-30(inclusive) at the time he/she applies for the visa. If you have got a Japanese Working Holiday visa, you are not able to obtain again.

Here is some required documents for applying a Japanese Working Holiday visa:

- Valid Australian Passport
- Visa application form* and a passport sized photograph
- Flight details to Japan and back to Australia
- Personal resume
- Proposed schedule*
- A typed letter with applicant’s signature and date to explain the purpose of the visit
- Proof of funds (Most recent formal bank statement fund in excess of AUS$2500(if you purchased air ticket) to AUS$6500 (if you only booked the ticket)
*You can download the application form and proposed schedule template from the Embassy of Japan in Australia’s website.

The procedure will take at least 1 week for your visa approved.

●Student VISA ( 1 year+ )

It is the most usual for the prior screening for immigration to apply for a ‘Foreign Student’ visa at the local immigration office on behalf of you by appointing a representative who resides in Japan.

Application procedure example:
1. Submitting documents for application and completing the examination fee
2. Receiving the Letter of Offer from Japanese educational institution.
3. The Japanese educational institution submits applicant’s documents to the Immigration Bureau of Japan to be examined
4. Receiving approved resident eligibility and the Japanese educational institution informs the results of visa screening to the applicants.
5. Completing payments for tuition fee and dormitory (if applicable) and the Japanese institution sends you the original document of the authorization of resident eligibility.
6. Appling the visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in Australia
7. Informing the Japanese educational institute when and where the applicant will arrive in Japan with the flight number

★Admission requirements

To obtain Japanese Student visa, Senior High School graduate or those who have an equivalent education background is required. (Students from China / Vietnam / Nepal / Myanmar / Sri Lanka / Mongol / Bangladesh are required further condition.)
Japanese language skill is desirable but not mandatory. This is depends on which course and educational institute you would like to take. If you wish to go to university, you need to pass JLPT N1/N2 and/or any required exam of the university.

How can I apply for a school?

Contact us for your school application so that we can assist you throughout the whole process. We take the right procedure that the school (and the immigration) require you to enrol and prepare to go to Japan.

Approximately how much does it cost to live in Japan?

The living cost is not too expensive. You must be surprised the balance of quality and price especially FOOD!! Accommodation fee is not an exception. The average is ¥400,000~ for 1 year term.

Also, you are allowed to work for maximum 28 hours per week if you are a student visa holder. Let’s say your hourly wage is ¥1,000 and you work 28 hours every week. That becomes ¥1,428,000 and enough to cover your accommodation fee. Another beneficial aspect of working in Japanese society is, of course, that you can communicate as much as you want with Japanese people outside of the school. Therefore, it is not just a dream to go to Japan to study!

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