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In workshop session, you will experience Japanese culture and how you can approach the culture and customs.

At Tourist Attraction session, for example, we introduce new idea for your destination. Of course, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are attractive, but don’t you think you want to go to different destination from your friends and you tell them about your unique story in Japan? As our Japanese teachers and staff came from different part of Japan and have travelled around in Japan, we are able to vary travel attractions and tourist destinations to bring to you. Also, you will be able to learn useful Japanese phrases in travel situation at the session. You haven’t studied Japanese before? That’s not a matter!! We teach you some Japanese as ‘phrases’ but not grammar structures in specific situations. For instance, at a restaurant, what kind of phrases you need to use? ‘Can I have this?’ ‘What is this?’ ‘How much is this?’ etc. In Japanese, 「これください」「これはなんですか」「いくらですか」etc. Then we will practice a little bit in conversation.

Like above, all workshops are organised information section and practical section.

If you are currently studying Japanese, workshop allows you to develop your language skill as well as culture understandings. As we believe that a language belongs to a culture, let’s join fun activities outside of the class, but it is still like a fun ‘class’.


Shuji – Japanese Calligraphy
Write your name/favorite word with special pen
Manga & Anime Club
Useful expressions from Manga
Discover Tourist Attractions
Famous or unusual places to visit


Hospitality Japanese

You must have heard ‘Irasshaimase,’ and do you know what does it mean? In hospitality industry, we have very different expressions in contrast to daily conversation. This workshop provides opportunities to learn what phrases there are and how they are used.

Business Manner series

Japanese people have unique manners in business scene. If you complete 4 series sessions of Business Manner, you don’t need to be afraid to work in Japan.
Exchange business card/ ‘KEIGO’ polite expressions/ Meeting etc.

Unique One Phrase

When you meet Japanese people, what do you usually say to them? ‘Konnichiwa’? ‘Arigato’? It’s boring! In this workshop, you will learn unique and useful phrases to amaze Japanese people!!

History in Japanese

Are you interested in Samurai, Shiro(Japanese castle), or whole Japanese history? This workshop is definitely for you!! Come and talk about cool Japanese history!

Manga & Anime Club

’Never give up’ – do you know how it is translated by Anzai-sensei in Slam Dunk?
We know you love manga & anime, but have you realized there are a lot of useful expressions to help you learning Japanese? We select some interesting manga or you can share your favorite manga and one of its phrase with us!

Shuji –Japanese calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy is one of essential Japanese cultures. It is really good to learn because you need to concentrate to write Shuji as well as you use an unique pen (fude). What do we write? It’s up to you!

Japanese Greeting Card

Like western culture, we write greeting cards in summer and New Year time with special expressions which you might not know. After this workshop, why don’t you write one to your Japanese friend, and of course, your teacher!

Haiku & Tanka –Japanese traditional poem

Japanese poem has 5-7-5-7-7 rhythm, and it has been expressed with seasonal word (kigo) or daily life thought. Do you think you need a special skill? No! Just come and become a poem master!

Dialect master

People who have travelled to western or northern area of Japan might realise that the Japanese which is spoken by people who live there is different from the one you learned. In this workshop, you will study different dialect from some particular areas.

Ryuko-go Award

Ryuko-go is a new created word/phrase which has been popular in the year. Every year, a few of them get Ryuko-go award as the most popular words/phrases in Japan. So, why don’t you make your favorite word popular and get the award at BBIC?

Onomatope -onomatopoeia

Japanese people use unique and a large number of onomatopoeia. As you know, dogs bark ‘wan-wan’ in Japanese. You will learn a lot of expressions with onomatopoeia, and this makes your Japanese more natural.

Discover tourist attractions

Have you already decided your destination of Japan? We introduce some famous places as well as unusual places which you MUST visit. Find your favorite one!

Tips for Travel in Japan

There are many techniques to travel in Japan efficiently and reasonably, which only Japanese people know. We can share with you!

Karate Master

Even though you haven’t learnt Karate before, there are just a few steps to improve your Karate. Karate will make you healthy, strong, and of course cool!

Yosakoi Dance

Yosakoi is a traditional dance which is very popular all over the world. The dancers hold the instrumentals like castanets while dancing.

Japanese Course

BBIC Japanese Language School provides a variety of classes. General Japanese, Travel Japanese, JLPT Preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Japanese Lesson. All levels, group / private lessons available.


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Japanese Course

General Japanese(Beginner, Upper-Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced), Travel Japanese, JLPT Preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Lesson


Study / Work in Japan

Learning Japanese in Japan is the most efficient way to improve your language skill. BBIC is able to assist you to go to Japan!!