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At BBIC, General Japanese course will be divided in 7 levels, Beginner, Upper-Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, PLUS with reasonable price. Special Beginner course is also available for $150 fee/10 sessions.

Japanese Beginners: Beginner, Upper-Beginner, and Pre-Intermediate

general beginner

Australians tend to be familiar with Japanese since they learned Japanese at primary school and high school. However, sadly most people stop studying Japanese as they are busy at work and any reasons. It is also the fact that when they become adult, they start to think ‘What if I start to learn Japanese again…’ So segmenting Beginners into more specific level allows students to start with right level of Japanese while some students wish to revise some grammar structures and expressions to brush up their past study. A teacher will assess your Japanese language skill and advice which level you can start with.

Sample case: A student studied Japanese and finished Japanese Beginners in HSC 5 years ago. From this background, the teacher recognised the student should have finished te-form, nai-form, and dictionary-form and been able to talk about lifestyle. However, after a paper test and some consultation by email and in person, they found out it is better to revise and start from Beginner2, which requires the students to finish:
- Self introduction: わたしは~です(Watashi wa ~ desu)
- Identifying things: これ/あれ/それ(kore/are/sore)
- Numbers and counters:money-えん(yen)、thin object-まい(mai)、small object-つ(tsu)、calendar(months, date, days), etc.
- Motion verbs: いきます(ikimasu - to go)、きます(kimasu - to come) and transportation
- Existence of people and things:あります/います(arimasu/imasu)

Once you finished Pre-Intermediate level, it is time to move onto next phase of your Japanese study. Also, you would not be trouble to live in Japan in general. It is still a little gap to be able to talk about serious topics such as working circumstance, politics, and current affairs in Japanese, but you might not be troubled to travel around and talk with your Japanese friend. So it is a great idea to go to Japan to study Japanese and work with Japanese people to practice and improve Japanese.

Intermediate and Advanced course are available for your further Japanese study at BBICollege if you prefer to stay in Sydney.

Japanese Intermediate Course・Japanese Upper-Intermediate Course

At Intermediate level and Upper-Intermediate level, you will learn more complicated grammar structures based on what you learned in Beginner level to be able to express what you want to way and understand what people say to you more fluently. The textbook is well balanced on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills with useful vocabularies and Kanji lists. In class, students will learn expressions and passages in video which native Japanese people talk about the topic so that they can develop expressive language skills through discussions and debates.

The students of this course are really interesting as they have completely different motivation and backgrounds. One of them studied Japanese at HSC Extension and aim to be able to provide guidance for Japanese students in Japanese at her work place. Another student really loves Japan and Japanese culture (of course including Japanese Food!) but started structured Japanese study at university, and aim to communicate like native Japanese with Japanese people. Another student lived in Japan for a several years and would like to keep up her Japanese. Those students share ideas in Japanese and motivate each other positively.

This course suits for people who finished HSC Japanese Continuers/Extension, and helpful for JLPT N3 preparation.

Japanese Advanced Course・Japanese PLUS Course

In Advanced Course and Japanese PLUS course, you will develop a comprehensive set of Japanese language skills throughout discussion, presentation, speech, etc with authentic materials and textbooks. The teacher will provide some articles from Japanese newspapers and magazines and show videos how native Japanese people speak. Those inputs encourage students to output in expressive language skills. Also, developed grammars are introduced to understand more complex structures and academic essays. At this level, students generally hope to work and/or study in Japan or currently work with Japanese people at their workplace. So the aim of this course is becoming native Japanese, and the students are encouraged to learn the system of Japanese society and manners in business in class too.
Like the Japanese Intermediate course, the students at Japanese Advanced course and Japanese PLUS course are really interesting. One of them is teaching Japanese at high school and she personally would like to broaden ideas of Japan including serious topics as well as improve Japanese skills. Another student has a Japanese girlfriend and aim to communicate with her relatives. He also aims to use Japanese at work. Their aims, overall, are to know and understand Japan more deeply and output their knowledge to contribute their roles with Japan.

This course is also helpful for JLPT N2 and N1 preparation.

Each courses cover:

Course Textbook Contents Time Price
Beginner Course
【JLPT N5 level】
1 Japanese for Busy People Book1 Meeting people, Shopping, Getting around Weekdays 6:00-7:50
Saturday 10:00-11:50 (8sessions)
2 Dining out, Japanese home, Going to a festival
3 Seeing a museum, At the office, Socialising
【JLPT N5 level】
1 Japanese for Busy People Book2 Comparative, Describing, Explanations Weekdays 6:00-7:50 (8sessions) $360
2 Casual expressions, Reporting
3 Describing changes, Modifying Clause, Reasoning, Giving opinions, Conditions, Obligations
【JLPT N4 level】
1 Japanese for Busy People Book3 Expressing impressions, Causes, Describing changes Weekdays 6:00-7:50 (8sessions) $360
2 Purpose, Decisions, Doing a favour
3 Passive, Causative, Honorific&Humble expressions, Order, Understanding spoken and writen styles
4 Writing and Speaking in Business scene, Complaining, Making and Responding to Apologies
Intermediate Course
【JLPT N3 level】
1 Minnano Nihongo Intermediate Book1 Learning more complicated and natural expressions in conversation, Expressing opinions, Starting grammar of N3 level. Weekdays 6:00-7:50 (8sessions) $360
【JLPT N3 level】
1 Minnano Nihongo Intermediate Book2 Learning more complicated and natural expressions in conversation, Expressing opinions, Completing grammar of N3 level. Weekdays 6:00-7:50 (8sessions) $360
Advanced Course
【JLPT N2 level】
1 中級を学ぼう(中期)
Other JLPT N2 materials
Learning more advanced expression in business conversation, Writing essay, Discussion, Completing grammar of N2 level. Weekdays 6:00-7:50 (8sessions) $360
PLUS Covers 【JLPT N1 level】 レベル分けなし Authentic materials Providing Presentation, Debating, Writing essay Weekdays 6:00-7:50 (8sessions) $360
*Class days might be changed due to teacher's availability. Please inquire us for details.

Why don’t you try our Cultural Workshop before applying! We can offer suitable work shop for each level as follows.

Beginner Level: Manga&Anime Club, Unique One Word
Intermediate Level: Hospitality Japanese, History in Japanese
Advanced Level: Business Manner series, Haiku&Tanka

Also you can get FREE LEVEL CHECK during the workshop, the trainer will assess your Japanese level if you want. Then you can have a short discussion with the trainer about your study plan of Japanese.
See more details on Workshop page.

Japanese Trial Class
We have another Beginner course named Japanese Trial class. Please read the below carefully and feel free to ask us if you are interested.
Japanese Trial class has been being run separately from the normal Beginner class. Teachers in this class will be with an adviser (qualified and experienced Japanese teacher) and trainees who are taking Japanese teacher training course. Mainly trainees would teach Japanese and Japanese culture with an adviser. Therefore, the course fee is cheaper than the normal Beginner course. The course is 1.5 hours×10weeks in one term and you need to complete two terms to finish the normal Beginner course 1 because the level of this course is Beginner course 1 through 2 terms. After finishing these courses, you are entitled to continue the course from the Beginner course 2 with right assessment.
Please contact us for more information.

Course Term Day&Time Regular EarlyBird
Japanese Trial Contact us Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm (1.5hour-lesson) $160 / 10sessions -
*Class days might be changed due to teacher's availability. Please inquire us for details.
*As of January 2021, this course is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, once it's opened we will announce on the web site.

Japanese Course

BBIC Japanese Language School provides a variety of classes. General Japanese (Beginner/Upper-Beginner/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate/Advanced), Travel Japanese, JLPT preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Japanese Lesson. Our Japanese group lesson and private lesson can commit your needs and goals of your Japanese study through intensive teaching method with the most affordable price in Sydney.


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