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What's On Japanese

Blogs posted by teachers and staff at BBIC Japanese language school in Sydney. We provide a variety of information such as:

- Our Japanese course information / Class atmosphere,
- Japanese culture and lifestyle with authentic photos by teachers and staff,
- Japanese useful expressions from Manga/Anime, etc.
- Tourist attractions in Japan / Travel tips in Japan,

As we choose the topic based on seasonal activities and latest experience of the teachers and staff, you can see and feel deeper aspects of Japan like why we use it, how we feel it, what language is appropriate to describe the situation as native Japanese.

Let’s find out more about JAPAN!!

Database Management Basics

By NanaAdmin, Posted on 17/05/2023

Database management is a method of managing the information that is used to support a company’s business operations. It includes data storage and distribution to applications and users making changes as needed, monitoring changes in the data an […]

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Play Online Slot Games for no cost

By NanaAdmin, Posted on 14/05/2023

Online slot games for free joocasino online casino are extremely exciting and enjoyable. They are among the most played games in casinos. This is due to the fact that they are enjoyable and a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. I […]

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Free Slots With No Download. How They Will Benefit You

By NanaAdmin, Posted on 25/04/2023

Do you wa ngamen jitu vipnt to play for free slots on your computer without having to download anything? If you’re one of the many who are on the Internet, you can do it. It’s very easy to play online slots without downloading or signing […]

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The Way Term Papers Can Help You

By NanaAdmin, Posted on 22/04/2023

Term papers are a frequent kin corretor textod of study in a college or university. A term paper is a writing that is performed through the term. They’re required in faculty, in universities, in certain business institutions and in almost any a […]

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Tips for Essay Writing How to Write Content that is both powerful and Persuasive

By NanaAdmin, Posted on 19/04/2023

The world of essay writing is a difficult one. Many think of it as an opportunity or a career, but not every one who pursues it can say they were happy with their outcomes. Many well-educated essay authors have made it a career and are paid well for […]

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