Private Japanese Lesson

All private Japanese lessons at BBIC Japanese Language school are organised for your goals and abilities and cover all levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Private Japanese Lesson Course

Level: Any levels

All our Japanese Private lessons are customized with your goals and abilities and cover all levels from Beginner to Advanced. Our Japanese teaching professionals understand very well that each student learns at a different pace and in different ways. Private Japanese lessons allow you to take the advantage of maximum one-to-one contact to keep you progressing fast and gain a comprehensive understanding of Japanese. Each student is assessed for their personal learning needs and our lessons are totally flexible in structure and tailor-made for each student, ensuring that the student learns as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

Japanese Private lesson will be scheduled with student’s and teacher’s availability. We encourage students to take regular class time and day to let students and teachers be organised for the next session. It also allows providing high quality session with the same teacher for each time. However, if you will be away for holiday, please let us know in advance (at least the day before the lesson) so that you can re-schedule your lesson without cancellation fee. (Please refer our Terms and Conditions for Absence policy)

Like above, obviously they are more flexible than group lesson. Some students come to the lesson once a week since they are busy at work and learning Japanese is one of their hobbies. Others take twice a week. One student would like to study Japanese intensively as she is planning to go to Japan next year and wants to communicate with Japanese people then. Another student uses one session for studying Japanese grammar systematically and another session for learning with authentic materials such as newspapers and videos in Japanese as he wants to go to university in Japan in the future.

If you wish to have a lesson at your preferable place such as your home, café etc, please feel free to ask us for availability. In that case, the transportation fee would be added on your tuition fee.

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Courses cover:

Course Level Textbook Contents Time Price
Private Japanese Lesson - Original
Depending on your level
Depending on your goals and interest. We can make a lesson you like. Flexible Schedule and Time $55/50min
$530/50min x 10sessions

Why don’t you try our Cultural Workshop before applying! We can offer suitable workshop for you.

Private Lesson course : Any workshop
Also you can get FREE LEVEL CHECK during the workshop, the trainer will assess your Japanese level if you want. Then you can have a short discussion with the rainer about your study plan of Japanese.
See more details on Workshop page.

Japanese Course

BBIC Japanese Language School provides a variety of classes. General Japanese (Beginner/Upper-Beginner/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Advanced), Travel Japanese, JLPT preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Japanese Lesson. Our Japanese group lesson and private lesson can commit your needs and goals of your Japanese study through intensive teaching method with the most affordable price in Sydney.


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Japanese Course

General Japanese(Beginner, Upper-Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced), Travel Japanese, JLPT Preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Lesson


Study / Work in Japan

Learning Japanese in Japan is the most efficient way to improve your language skill. BBIC is able to assist you to go to Japan!!