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Japan travellers! Why don’t you study basic useful Japanese phrases before you travel to Japan? This course is for Beginners but welcome for Intermediate learners too. Tuition fee is reasonable for quick preparation!
Travel Japanese course is intensive Japanese learning course before traveling Japan. This course provides you some ideas to communicate with Japanese people in some situations while traveling. We believe that a language is a part of the culture and it reflects people’s spirits and beliefs. So learning Japanese leads your understanding of Japanese customs and culture!!

Let’s have a look example of Japanese basic phrases that you can use at a souvenir shop.

Basic Japanese phrases for travelers

At a souvenir shop

にほんご English
すみません Sumimasen Excuse me.
これはいくらですか Korewa ikura desuka How much is this?
-◯◯えん です。 ◯◯en desu ◯◯yen.
(ふたつ/みっっつ) (Futatsu / Mittsu) (two / three)
どうもありがとう。 Doomo arigatoo Thank you.
これは なんですか。 Korewa nan desuka What is this?
-これは ◯◯です。 Korewa ◯◯ desu It is ◯◯.

In Travel Japanese course, you will study useful expressions in specific occasion you will be facing while traveling such as
- At the airport: listening to the announcement, asking for help,
- At a restaurant: ordering, asking about ingredients, making a request,
- At a hotel: check-in/out, asking where to go, telling problems,
- At a train station/bus stop: asking directions, asking for assistance, etc.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website, if you are Australian passport holder and you are planning ‘a stay up to 90 days for tourism, visiting friends or relatives, etc. that does not include remunerative activities,’ you will not be required to get a visa to enter Japan. Some countries’ passport holders are also not required to get a visa to enter Japan upon the same condition, others are.

Please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan‘s website for more details.

Did you know…?

You can use Working Holiday Visa to stay in Japan for longer term if applicable. Would you like to travel around and experience more authentic Japanese culture? Would you like to work in Japan and use your Japanese to communicate with Japanese people in real situations? The Working Holiday Visa brings those opportunities together to you!! Before going to Japan, it is ideal that you study basic Japanese so that makes your stay easier.

Please see the Embassy of Japan in Australia’s website to learn the procedure for application.

Level: Beginner / Upper-Beginner / Pre-Intermediate

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Japan is one of the most popular countries to fly away for holiday. There are so many beautiful places and attractive events in Japan such as Kyoto, Hokkaido, Mt.Fuji, Tokyo Disney Resort, Akihabara, Cherry blossoms, Autumn leaves, snowboarding, Onsen(hot springs) etc. Also you can enjoy Japanese traditional culture, pop culture, Manga/Anime and of course tasting authentic and modern Japanese food.
Would you like to feel the Japanese spirit of "Omotenashi?" Let’s discover a Japan you didn’t know then you must be able to touch worthwhile moments to be there!”
So, why don’t you study basic Japanese before you visit Japan, and become able to communicate with Japanese people in Japanese?

Each courses cover:

Course Textbook Contents Time Price
Travel Japanese 1 1 Original Basic Japanese such as essential vocabulary and phrases Saturday 10:00-11:50 (8weeks) $360
Travel Japanese 2 1 Original Useful expressions in particular situations such as hotel,restaurant, shops etc. Saturday 10:00-11:50 (8weeks) $360

*We recommend you to take those 2 consecutive courses.

Why don’t you try our Cultural Workshop before applying! We can offer suitable work shop for each level.
Also you can get FREE LEVEL CHECK during the workshop, the trainer will assess your Japanese level if you want. Then you can have a short discussion with the trainer about your study plan of Japanese.
See more details on Workshop page.

You can also discover Japan with Home pages as follows.
- Japan the official guide by Japan National Tourism Organization
- Discover the Spirt of Japan

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BBIC Japanese Language School provides a variety of classes. General Japanese (Beginner/Upper-Beginner/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Advanced), Travel Japanese, JLPT preparation, HSC Preparation, Private Japanese Lesson. Our Japanese group lesson and private lesson can commit your needs and goals of your Japanese study through intensive teaching method with the most affordable price in Sydney.


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