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1 week to go!! Fun&Learn Information session

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 14/06/2017

Excited to announce only one week to go for our information session!!!!


I would like to introduce one university in Hokkaido today.


For people who are interested in going to university in Japan:)

Especially for high school students!!


Information of Hokkaido University available at the session.

You can graduate at bachelor’s degree.



The Modern Japanese studies Program is a 4-year bachelor’s degree program preceded by a 6-month Insentive japanese Course for thowe without sufficient Japanese to enter the bachelor’s degree program directly. This program gives a comprehesive education in the language and society of japan.

For the first 2-3 years courses in the humanities and social sciences are taught in English alongside intensive study of the Japanese language. After students reach a certain level in Japanese, they wil be able to take courses in Japanese in the faculties of letter, Law, Economics, and Education.

Main Characteristics:

– Flexible curriculum in History, Cultural Studies, Sociology, and Political Economy and Subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences
– 20 students per year
– Co-learning with Japanese students


Scholorship program available

Dormitory, Students’ support desk, Counseling are also available.


Application will start from October.

For application process or any other inquiry, please come to the session!
Otherwise contact us on info@bbicollege.com / 02-9264-8803 or


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