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BBIC experience 100% helped me gain confidence in speaking Japanese

By BBICollege, Posted on 18/02/2024

Student’s Testimonialas at BBIC Japanese Language School

Konnichiwa! Hope you enjoy the summer time by such as doing BBQ, going to beaches and popping in  the pub to cheer any sports!. But also it is time to learn new thing like learning Japanese.

Now we open for new application form for Term 2 which will be started from the week of 18 March 2024. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions regarding Japanese classes, we are more than happy to advise how you will do it and which class is suitable for you..

We also open free trial lesson(observe) and free assessment which is easier to understand the atomsphere about our college and get to know your Japanese level.

Please come and see us ! and hope you will be the students with us jorning you Japanese world.

Today, we would like to share the infromation regarding testimonial from the student at BBIC. As I posted on the title, she feels that BBIC ecperience 100% helped me gain coficence in speaking Japanese.

Student Name:E. N
Occupation: Bakery assistant and University student
When started : July 2023
Class: Private lesson

Q.What made you study Japanese?
I really love the Japanese culture and lifestyle. Everything from the beautiful scenery, to the tasty cuisine. Hopefully I will be able to live there one day but learning the language is the first step in making that happen.

Q.Why did you choose BBIC?
Many Japanese tutoring companies in Sydney either had few non-flexible class times which didn’t work with my schedule or only offered classes over zoom which I personally don’t enjoy compared to learning in person. BBIC is within the main city hub and very accessible to university students studying in the city. Additionally, the pricing seemed very reasonable for the services you receive. Although I did consider going with in-person tutors not from companies, I do enjoy that learning is done within a set office space, rather than paying a call-out fee to study at my own home or studying in a public cafe or park where there are multiple distractions.

Q.How about BBIC and teacher’s atmosphere?
One thing I really like about BBIC private lessons is it is tailored to your own working style. Personally, I like trying to learn the content on my own and then using my time there to revise and practice what I’ve learnt. Obviously there are times when I’m confused by the content but then I just bring in my questions and my teacher is happy to answer.

When starting out I was nervous that I would get a strict/harsh teacher but instead I got the opposite and absolutely love coming to classes. Learning a new language is hard and you make a lot of mistakes along the way but the atmosphere is so calm that you are willing to try out speaking even if it doesn’t sound perfect. Content progression is tailored to your own ability but overall you pick up new things fast. Homework can feel like alot but it’s the right amount if you’re serious about learning Japanese. Besides, sometimes I myself have other life events going on and i’m unable to complete all of it, then my teacher is fine with adjusting the homework load to fit my schedule.

Q.Please let us know what do you do in your lesson?
In preparation for my lessons, I go over all the content in this week’s chapter, memorize the week’s vocabulary and complete the homework sheets. In our lessons, my teacher marks the previous homework and for any mistakes we go through the problems together. We go over pronunciation, sentence structure and when to apply certain phrases to scenarios. Then, we either
complete a listening task, do conversation practice or do reading/speaking practice.

Q.Does BBIC experience helped you gain confidence for Japanese?
Personally, I can be very shy when it comes to speaking in Japanese but the BBIC experience has 100% helped me gain confidence in speaking Japanese. Being able to practice your Japanese with someone who understands your learning and can fix your mistakes can make you feel much more confident to try out phrases outside the classroom setting.

From the above results, you may find that BBIC is a school that can be recommended to various people. Each teacher first grasps the goals and needs of the students, and then adjusts the lesson planning and curriculum for them according to the students. For example, some of BBIC students receive full-time work. The teacher prepares teaching materials so that even such people can learn Japanese without burden, and devises so that they can learn happily. In addition, many of the students studying Japanese at BBBIC are highly motivated, and everyone is working hard in both group and private classes.

Actually BBIC proudly boasts one of the highest student satisfaction rates of all Japanese language schools in Australia and our retention rate is also extremely high. All teachers are native speakers born in Japan, and have ample experience teaching Japanese. They strive not just to teach the language, but to keep students happy and motivated.

So it may be recommended for those who want to learn Japanese in such an environment!

We are always looking forward to your application and contacts. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this result. We are currently accepting new applications for Term 2 2024. You can check the details from the link below, so please check

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