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Beginner1 Dinner at Izakaya

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 24/11/2017

Beginner1 class went to Izakaya last night to celebrate their finishing the course!

They tried to order food in Japanese!!!


すみません、ビールを1 ぽんください。

えだまめを 2つください。

てんぷらを 1つください。

サラダを 1つください。

Well done guys!! よくできました!

One student wanted to ask if they have Osuimono (fish stock clear soup).

すみません、おすいものは ありますか。

Unfortunately, they did not have…. but we enjoyed Japanese food!!



We sometimes invite students to go for dinner and/or drink and we go to Japanese restaurant.

That must be a great opportunity to practice your Japanese in real world☆


Izakaya, by the way, is Japanese style bar.

They have a variety of dishes and alcohol, and they are usually not too expensive.

Japanese people love to go to Izakaya after work or anytime we feel like dining out.

Izakaya is everywhere in Japan and they are wide range of style.


Luckily, we have some authentic Izakaya in Sydney!!

We went to KURA downstairs of our office yesterday:)


My favorite Seafood Salad.


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