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Difference General Beginner 1 class and Japanese trial class

By BBICollege, Posted on 17/07/2020

Good afternoon. Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

This is Rin from receptionist of Big Bridge International College(BBIC) ! I usually receive many inquiries from people who are interested in learning Japanese with us :). I would like to introduce to you one of many inquiries.


Is there any difference between General Beginner 1 course and Japanese trial course in BBIC ?


Answer : 

Actually both General Beginner 1 course and Japanese trial course are for those who are new to learning Japanese. However there are some differences.

General Beginner 1 course in BBIC

General course is a regular course in BBIC. So this class is taught by Japanese teacher who is qualified and experienced.(NOT trainees)Class schedule is determined by teachers, students and classroom availability.

The price is as follows:
Enrolment            :$50.00

8 sessions (2 hrs×8 sessions)  :$360.00 (total 16 hours)


Total              :$410.00

Japanese trial course in BBIC

This class has been being run separately from the normal Beginner class. Teachers in this class will be an adviser (qualified and experienced Japanese teacher) and trainees who are taking Japanese teacher training course. Mainly trainees would teach Japanese with an adviser. Therefore, the course fee is cheaper than the General Beginner course. However, all of the trainees are native speakers for Japanese. In addition this course is organised every Thursday between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

The price is as follows:

Enrolment            :$50.00

10 sessions (1.5 hrs×10 sessions)       :$160.00 (total 15 hours)


Total                                                             :$210.00

Those are what are different between General beginner 1 course and Japanese trial course. Actually Both are very popular in BBIC College. So I can not say which is better ☓( . The course you can recommend depends on what you want to prioritize. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us !

Ask us anythings 🙂


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