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Japanese Course Beginner3 will open on 28th March

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 15/03/2018

Japanese Course Beginner3 will open on 28th March


I know it is irregular and a bit too short notice.

But we are very happy to announce Beginner will open on 28th March!!



Time: 6pm-8pm on Wednesdays
Start date: 28th March

Beginner3 is for people who have already started to learn Japanese before. We expect applicants to have finished:

– Learning Basic Japanese.
– Understanding Japanese writing systems and culture throughout useful expressions.
– Being able to do self-introduction, talk about daily routine and activities.
The teacher will still use the indirect method but use Japanese which the students have learnt as much as possible. This is because we believe that teacher’s talk is important input for the students. After studying basic Japanese, the students are encouraged to communicate in Japanese more and more.

This course aims to:
– Be able to communicate at shop/restaurant, express objects in detail.
– Be able to express requests, situation, desire, and likes/dislikes.
– Understand further Japanese culture and customs.


Application only lasts for one week and a couple of seats available.

Please inquire us for your current Japanese level.

Or apply first with a little information about your study background.



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