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Japanese Culture Episode2: こたつ Kotatsu

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 10/07/2017






It’s been really cold these days…

Hope you guys do not get sick.


It’s great idea to take hot bath – onsen – to keep warm.


But I would like to introduce こたつ Kotatsu for your warm.

Kotatsu was originally invented more than 700 years ago.

It is a combination of coffee table and futon mat, and has a heater inside (under) the table.

We put legs to get warm.

Some people and animals stuck their whole body into Kotatsu.

We call them ‘Kotatsumuri’.

Looks like a snail – Katatsumuri. lol


We usually eat mandarin orange -mikan- at Kotatsu.

It is, of course, because mandarin orange is in season during we use Kotatsu.

Also, mandarin orange has Vitamin C, so it is said that we can prevent catching a cold.


My favorite food at Kotatsu is ice cream rather than mikan.

Yes, it’s totally contradiction and opposite purpose to use Kotatsu!!

Cold outside but warm legs but cold food but…



To be honest, I have not felt any importance of Kotatsu in Australia.

But this year!!! I finally miss Kotatsu!!!

I desperately need it!!


Let’s go to Japan in winter and experience Kotatsu!!

You will not be able to live without it once you know it….


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