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Japanese Culture Episode3: Summer Fireworks Festival 花火大会(はなびたいかい)

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 19/07/2017

Are you satisfied with the fireworks in Sydney?

Must go to Japanese Summer fireworks festival in Japan!!

Fireworks in many countries is usually  for celebration.

New year, Independence day…


But in Japan, we have fireworks festivals in summer, the middle of August.

Fireworks in Japan, originally started as ritual for the soul and it is the middle of August.

Now Summer fireworks festival is one of the poplar events in summer.

Also, the festivals are held everywhere in Japan, so you do not need to be crazy about getting a spot to see the fireworks (like NYE Sydney…)

Fireworks fes schedule



Why I like Japanese fireworks more than other countries’ is because Japanese fireworks has variety of the design and style even though we use less fireworks at one festival.

Sydney’s NYE fireworks is 100,000 and it is gorgeous! Celebration! Tick!

The average number of fireworks at large fireworks festival in Japan is 10,000, but just…. beautiful.




Unique fireworks

Smilie face (you need to get right position to see it;p)


Love heart!

So, as you can see, we use ‘Japanese technique’ to fireworks.

Japanese technique allowed people to hold fireworks.

↑Small handy-fireworks called Senko-hanabi せんこうはなび.


Who wants to hold fireworks?


Who wants to hold fireworks?


Who wants to hold fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OK. Let’s go to Japan and hold handy-firewoooooorrrrks!!

↑They are professionals for performance. lol



Some Japanese Language schools provide short summer courses, and you can experience large fireworks festivals and handy fireworks!

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