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Japanese Food Episode2: Autumn food あきのみかく

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 17/11/2016

Autumn is the best season to visit Japan because we have Kouyou(こうよう) as well as…




As you might know, we have four seasons in Japan and each season has specialty for food.

Here is specialties in Autumn.



How many foods can you recognise?




Sweet potato,



Mushrooms… what? that may kinds?

(Yes, we have a lot of kinds of mushrooms. Matsutake is famous and expensive one in Autumn.)

Fish… what kind of fish is it?

(That’s a pacific saury. Really nice as it becomes juicy in Autumn)

And what are the orange ones next to the apples?

(They’re persimmons)


They automatically make Japanese people feel Autumn.

This is really interesting as foreign people do not feel any even though they saw grapes, chestnuts, pacific saury, Matsutake, etc.


Restaurants and cake shops start introducing new products with seasonal ingredients.



Hmm.. Yum… ;p




One year course to study in Japan allows you to access those food throughout a year.

You are definitely able to feel the four seasons and taste seasonal specialties.


Get prepared in advance if you are thinking about going to Japan.

It takes a few months to get the foreign student visa lodged.

The application for April has already started!


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