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Japanese Food Episode3:Mochi もち

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 29/04/2017

Yuko sensei has come back from holiday and gave me some Omiyage (souvenir).



Mochi is one of the must-try food when traveling Japan.

It is said that Japanese people started to eat mochi more than 1500 years ago!!


Enjoy sticky and chewy texture.


We season Mochi with a various flavour.

Let me introduce some.


Mochi with sweat red bean.

Most popular.


Wrapped with Nori(seaweed)

Good for breakfast.


Sweat soy source.

Eat with Dango(Skewer mochi) style.


Cover Ichigo(strawberry) up.

New face since late 1980s.


Deep-fried mochi.

Fantastic contrast of crunchy outside and sticky inside.


Deep-fried mochi (after drying out).

Super crunchy like rice cracker.


The one Yuko sensei gave me is Warabi mochi.

It’s softer and smoother than normal mochi.

Eat with soy bean powder and black sugar syrup.



Can’t wait to eat tonight!!!!!!

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