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Japanese Quote: Episode 1 「バスケがしたいです」

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 12/10/2016

My favourite manga, SLAM DUNK.

A story of basketball.

I like this manga because we can learn a lot of things to achieve our goals as well as the location is my hometown:)

kamako_mae kamako_mae_sd

One of the charactors, Mitsui, who was playing basketball but quit because of his injury, asks Anzai coach to start playing basketball again.

「バスケがしたいです」(Basuke ga shitaidesu)

“I want to play basketball.”



Do you know how much he wants to play basketball again?

「~たいです」 is a grammar structure for beginners.

“want to do something~”


If you already know this structure, you might have learnt as:

「すし たべたいです」(Sushi o tabetaidesu)

I want to eat sushi


「にほんの さけ のみたいです」(Nihon no sake o nomitaidesu)

I want to drink Japanese sake.


Usually we use 「を」(o)to mention the object.

However, he uses 「が」(ga) as 「バスケ したいです」(Basuke ga shitaidesu) instead of using 「を」.

This means he really really wants to play basketball but not any other sports.

Basketball Players


So, if you really really wants to eat sushi but not any other  food, you should say

「すしが たべたいです」(Sushi ga tabetaidesu).

A small difference but a big meaning.


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