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JLPT registration now open!

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 23/07/2015

Have you ever tired JLPT test?

This test is benchmark for people who want to apply for university or company in Japan.

N1, N2, N3,N4, and N5.

N1 is the highest level, and you need to pass N1 or N2 when applying for university or Japanese company.

If you have been currently studying beginner level for 1 year,  N5 would be achievable.

JLPT is held once a year in Australia. This year test is on Sunday, 6th, December @ University of New South Wales.

It  will cost you $80-90 (depends on the level).

Registration is now open! (plz visit JLPT website to register)

When applying, you will be required to put your contact detail and your current situation to communicate in Japanese as survey.

Payment will need to be done at the same time.


Our JLPT preparation course will open on October!

Book now for Early Bird Fee!!

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