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Karate – Shinkyokusin Karate Studio in Artarmon

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 31/08/2017

I visited Karate studio in Artarmon last Saturday.


I was a beautiful day.

Walk for 15 min from Artarmon statoin.

Good for warming up.


When arriving there, I could hear their shouting from outside.



I, personally have never been to Karate studio even in Japan so was impressed by the atmosphere of their training.

Karate is one of the ◯◯道(doo) sports in Japan.




◯◯道(doo) means to become a specialist after long term practices.

This practice does not only include physical training but also aims to become strong mentally such as concentration, patience, rules, etc.

So, it is said that you will be grown as a mature human through practicing ◯◯道(doo) sports.




Mr. Yahiro, the instructor, was really kind and welcomed me warmly.

The students practiced sooo hard though…



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Visit their website for more information↓↓

Shinkyokushin Karate

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