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Matsuri in Chatswood

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 14/01/2016

Sydney residents! (Especially northern part)

Matsuri will be held in Chatswood this weekend!!

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What do you know about Matsuri?


Matsuri = festival is one of the most popular events in Japan during summer time.

We have Yatai (food stools), Taiko (Japanese drums) performance, Bon-odori (Traditional dancing) at the festivals.

At Matsuri in Chatswood, of course, you can eat Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and more DELICIOUS Japanese food (Yay!!).

Also, they have Taiko performance, Yosakoi-dance performance, tea-ceremony performance, etc… so that you will be able to experience JAPAN there.

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They will organise another Matsuri in Darling Harbour in December.

Why don’t you be a part of Japanese Matsuri as a volunteer staff??

It would also be a great experience to work and cooperate with Japanese people!!

(One of our students in Upper-Beginner class will be there!)


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