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Only $160 tuition fee for 10 Japanese lessons :)

By BBICollege, Posted on 25/03/2022

Why don’t you study Japanese as a trial first?

Hello everyone 🙂 Hope you are well! The border between Japan and Australia has recently been subject to relaxation of immigration restrictions. I think there are many people who want to go to Japan this year! When you go on a trip to Japan, don’t you want to have a direct conversation with Japanese people using Japanese even a little? The perfect course for you will start in mid-April. I believe even if you are interested in Japanese, it is difficult to decide to actually study. Why don’t you study Japanese as a trial first! We will start offering a class named “Japanese trial class” from 21st April 2022!

What is Japanese trial class ?

Japanese trial class being run separately from other General Japanese courses. Teachers in this class will be an adviser (qualified and experienced Japanese teacher) and trainees who are taking Japanese teacher training courses will be the teacher for this class. Mainly trainees (all native Japanese speaker )would teach Japanese and Japanese culture with an adviser. It is a great opportunity to study Japanese with the Direct method to develop your Japanese through a variety of interesting activities. Therefore, the course fee is cheaper than the normal Beginner course. The course is 1.5 hours×10weeks in one term and you need to complete two terms to finish the normal Beginner course 1 because the level of this course is Beginner course 1 through 2 terms. After finishing these courses, you are entitled to continue the course from the Beginner course 2 with right assessment.

Who recommend a Japanese trial class to?

As I mentioned, this course is a’trial’, so it is recommended for those who are wondering whether to learn Japanese or who are interested in learning Japanese. We recommend it to anyone who

  • just would like to try learning first!
  • is sure whether continue learning in the future!
  • do not mind to learn by training teacher!
  • do not mind to take time for complete one level! etc…

Japanese trial class starts on 21st April 🙂

This class is offered every Thursday betweem 6pm and 7:30 pm from 21th April! we are accepting your application NOW! Please see details the below and contact us if you are intereted in or any questions 🙂 We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Time schedule Every Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm
Start date 21th April
Duration 10 weeks
Total hours 15 hours
Tuition fee $160.00 
Enrollment fee $50.00

There are 2 levels for completed this course. It mean that it takes 20 weeks to finish this course and total cost is $320.00. If you wish to continue learning Japanese after complete this course, you are able to
join General Beginner 2 class.

Contact us !

Application form for enrolment

Please confirm these things and if you would like to know more details, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !! (if you do not get any response from us after you send application form, please send message by email. <>)

Who’s BEST for our Japanese lessons

In Sydney, you may have a couple of alternatives of Language courses at university, TAFE, Japanese Foundation and Private institutions. BBIC Japanese Language School opens our courses more often, five terms in a year, and this allows students to have more opportunities to start learning Japanese. One of the positive aspects to learn Japanese at private institute is its flexibility. It is not too serious but lots of fun. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself to study as a subject at public institutions. We can commit your needs and goals to study Japanese in both group lesson and private lesson with affordable tuition fee.

We offer you good enough Japanese lesson for who

✔ wants to communicate in real Japanese
✔ wants to go Japan for travel, study, live and work
✔ wants to have Japanese friends
✔ looks for Japanese Language School in Sydney CBD
✔ looks for online Japanese Language Class
✔ wants to prepare for HSC and JLPT
✔ wants to feel and enjoy Japanese cultures

Value for enrolment at BBI College

We would like to share with you about the benefits of choosing BBI College for learning Japanese language as follows. Why don’t you enrol to BBI College? You will receive some benefits from us!

Get free ticket to attend Japanese Trial class! (For Students up to Beginner 3 level)

If you are a student up to Beginner 3 level, you are able to attend Japanese Trial class for free. If you join this class, you could revise the topic that you learned in general class. Also you can make new friends who are from countries around the world !!

② Observing a lesson for free!

If you are interested in our school and would like to observe a lesson, we are able to arrange the schedule for you! We will try to arrange the class to suit your level. You don’t necessarily have to enrol just because you observed. So please just feel free to ask us about this !! We look forward to hearing from you!

Do not have to buy textbook up to the students who are on Beginner 3 levels!

Classes will be conducted according to the textbook of the level suitable for the class. So we recommend you to buy a textbook for lessons. However we understand that it is hard to buy the textbook or you are not sure whether you would continue to take the class. So your teacher will prepare a material so that you don’t have to buy it up to Beginner 3 level.

④ Able to chose Face to face class or Online class!

We understand that it depends on the people whether wish to take online class or face-to-face class due to your situation.  So you are able to choose which is suitable for you! It means that you are able to enrol in our school even though you are not in Sydney CBD. There are students who are out of Sydney and take the lesson online. So please feel free to let me know which style is good for you. If you choose to join the class online, please make sure to turn on your video and voice!

Get $ 50 Coles card by Refer-a-Friend!

If you refer your friends and they enroll in BBIC as well, we will give Coles a $50.00 card to you:)  You are able to use this card in Office Works, MYER and Kmart and so on. Let’s invite your friends to take the lesson together!!

Now we offer Free Japanese lesson and Free assessment!

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There are various benefits other than the above. If you are interested in our school, please check our website and blog that we write usually 🙂

We can support you to study abroad to Japan

We are agency of Japanese schools, Vocational school and University in Japan and we can support you to study abroad to Japan with many brochure of the schools in Japan.

Studying language in the country is the best way to improve your language skill as you are forced to listen, speak, read, and write the language 24/7. It also helps you to make Japanese friends and get along with Japanese community. Japanese schools in Japan do not provide only the Japanese lessons but also a lot of activities such as sightseeing, skiing, cultural experience (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc.) through both long and short term courses. So like your image of Japan, sometimes study at the desk in classroom for hours is not correct for you Japanese study!

Please feel free to contact us for your dream in Japan !

more information about the schools in Japan to study abroad !

We are BBI College Japanese Language School in Sydney

From Japanese Beginners to Japanese Advanced learners! Japanese language school in Sydney CBD is available!!

Your Japanese study at BBI College is tailored for your study goal. General Japanese is for broaden purpose such as staying in Japan for a couple of months and studying/working in Japan, and Travel Japanese is an intensive course for your quick preparation of trip to Japan. Japanese Private Lesson allows you to focus on what you want to improve. Japanese Trial Class is a great chance to start your Japanese study too!

We offer the group lessons 5 terms a year and the private lessons any time. Please see the information such as course info, time schedule and so on for our Japanese lessons as below.


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Contact us !

Please confirm these things and if you would like to know more details, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !!

Now we offer Free Japanese lesson and Free assessment!

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