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Process from application to admission for group class at BBIC

By BBICollege, Posted on 19/12/2023

Process from application to admission for group class at BBIC

Konnichiwa(Hello), hope you enjoy happy holiday seasons!

Since we announced the details of new enrollment for Term 1 2024, we have many inquiries and visiting our school who are interested in starting to learn Japanese for new year! Some of people ask us how to  enrol in the BBIC Japanese Language School. I just would like to share with you the process from application to admission for group class at BBIC. Please see the below and there are only 5 steps from application to actually attend first group class.

  1. Send an application form from our Web site
  2. Do an assessment test if you need it
  3. BBIC Suggest the suitable class for you
  4. Make a payment 
  5. Joining and starting the group class

1. Send an application

Firstly, if you wish to enrol to BBIC, you send an application form. There are some spaces that you need to write about your Japanese language learning experience. It would be appreciated if you could write details of your experience as we are able to know your current Japanese level roughly. If you have any questions or concerns before application, you are able to contact here anytime.

2. Do an assessment test  

As long as you are not totally zero beginner, we will send assessment test(s) with some information regarding our college, courses and fees to you by email, when BBIC comfirms your application. (if you are zero beginner, you are introduced Beginner 1 class straight away)

Since the level check test is a PDF, you can download it yourself and enter it on your computer. Or you can copy and write your answer. Also you can come to our school to have this assesment test. Once you finish it, please send it back to us by email.

For your reference, please try to write down as much as possible and you don’t need to worry about if you can’t do it at a cartain part of the test, just leave it and write what you can do. Also please don’t use dictionary and any information related to the test, we just need to know your current Japanese level.

3. BBIC Suggest the suitable class for you

When we receive your assessment test in which your answer is written, BBIC will discuss with the teachers regarding which class would be suitable for you. After that, we will suggest the suitable class for you with the time schedule of the group class.

4. Make a payment 

Once you agree with your class that we suggested, we will issue the invoice to you. You are able to make a payment by bank transfer. It would be appreciated if you could send the copy of your payment proof as can check if the account number etc. you transferred to is correct. We will give you final information about your first day class details along with a guide notifying you that your payment has been officially confirmed.

5. Joining the group class

Once you complete all the processes, you are finally able to join and start your class! I recommend you to come to the school a few minutes before starting the class as you can talk to your teacher and classmates :). The address of BBIC is Suite 3.03,39 Liverpool Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia where is just 5 minuets from Town Hall Station.

Next term from the week of 15 Jan 2024

We are exciting to have new term in 2024 which is starting from the week of 15 of Jan 2024. As the starting date of each level are different, so pleasae make sure the details we send or just ask us when is the start date and time. If you are interested in joining the  group class, please send your application or contact us anytime 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing you at BBIC!!

As for the private lesson, you can start anytime you like but sometimes we need an assesment test like the above depending of the course you want to start.


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Please confirm these things and if you would like to know more details, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !!

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