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Process from application to admission for private class at BBIC

By BBICollege, Posted on 25/08/2021

Konnichiwa! Hope you are well and keeping safe 🙂 we informed you the process from application to admission for group class at BBIC last our Blog. Therefore, we would like to share with you process from application to admission for private class at BBIC today. As you know we are able to offer online private lesson as well. Even though you are not staying in Sydney, we are able to offer the private class for you!

A private lesson is for the people would like to :

  • Prepare for HSC examination
  • Prepare for JLPT examination
  • study at your own pace  etc…

There are only 5 steps from application to actually start the lesson.

Process from application to admission for Private class 

  1. Send an application 

  2. Do an assessment test

  3. Adjusting the lesson time schedule

  4. Make a payment 

  5. Starting the lesson

1. Send an application

Firstly, if you wish to enrol to BBIC, you need to send an application form. There are some spaces that you need to write about your Japanese language learning experience. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you could write details of your experience as we are able to guess your current Japanese level. If you have any questions or concerns, you are able to contact here before sending your application.

2. Do an assessment test  

When BBIC confirms your application, we will send an assessment test with some information regarding our college to you by email. Since the level check test is a PDF, you can download it yourself and enter it on your computer. Or you can copy and write your answer.  Once you finish it, please send it back to us by email. However, if you would take the HSC preparation course, you do not have to do an assessment test. Instead you need to provide your situation below:

  1. What year is your grade at the time
  2. Which level are you studying
  3. Which text are you using at your school
  4. Which chapter you have already completed

Once you provide those information, we would know which level are you.

3. Adjusting the lesson time schedule

Once we know your current Japanese level, the teacher would start organizing the lesson and create the curriculum. In addition, we will also adjust the lesson time schedule with you. Classes can be offered between 10am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday. Firstly you need to let us know your wish bellow : 

  1. How many hours you wish to take the lesson per week.
  2. Which day of the week and time you wish to take the lesson
  3. Face to face OR Online lesson

As soon as you can confirm your wishes, we would adjust teacher and classroom availability. After that we finally let you know your time schedule of the lesson.

4. Make a payment 

Once you agree with your class schedule, we will issue the invoice to you. You are able to make a payment by bank transfer. It would be appreciated if you could send the copy of your payment proof as can check if the account number etc. you transferred to is correct. We will give you final information about your first day class details along with a guide notifying you that your payment has been officially confirmed.

5. Starting the lesson 

Once you complete all the processes, you are finally able to join the class. I recommend you to come to the school a few minutes before starting the class as you can talk to your teacher and classmates :). The address of BBIC is Suite 3.03,39 Liverpool Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia.

We look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂



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Please confirm these things and if you would like to know more details, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !!

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