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Term4 starting!

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 15/11/2015

Excited to announce Term4 is starting from 3rd August!

We recommend our General Japanese course to start learning Japanese.
You can learn from essential Japanese, using Japanese for Busy People aka ‘JBP’.
Why we choose this text book is that we would like people to get used to Japanese language and culture without any difficult image. Also JBP will suit your wide range of purposes to study Japanese.
Of course, all teachers consider every class must be fun. So they teach Japanese along the textbook, but the class activities are unique and communicative.
Also, classes will be organised in small groups, so you can gain more opportunities to practise and ask questions in class than other language schools.

APPLY for Early Bird Fee ★$290→$260★ NOW! (Conditions apply)


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