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Testimonials from students learing Japanese Language at BBIC

By BBICollege, Posted on 28/12/2023

Student’s Testimonialas at BBIC Japanese Language School

Konnichiwa! Hope you are well and have a lovely end of the year!

We are Japanese language school which is located in CBD Sydney. Your Japanese study at BBI College is tailored for your study goal. General Japanese course has 7 levels all and is for broaden purpose such as studying Japanese language genuinly and staying in Japan for a couple of weenks and more and studying/working in Japan, preparation HSC and JLPT courses also Japanese Private Lesson allows you to focus on what you want to improve;)

The current and formar students gave us their testimonial on the google map site, so we would like to share those testimonials and pleare refer to those and make them tips to consider to enrol our Japanese Language School from Term 1 2024.

Great Results, Before I came to BBIC I only knew Japanese words. Minako Sensei taught me how to construct sentences properly and express myself in Japanese also they are a great help in assisting with study at Language schools in Japan. I recommend the private lessons they are tailored to the students needs and very effective.

I am currently enrolled in BBIC’s Japanese course for beginners and am very happy with my choice. Teacher Minako is a very good teacher, kind and qualified. She has only been attending school for two and a half months, but she already feels that her Japanese has improved. The environment was very friendly, communication with the course management staff was efficient and overall, the whole learning experience so far has been a very positive one.

I recommend this school to anyone interested in learning Japanese language and culture!
My total 24 weeks of experience in BBICollege could be described as excellence to its core. First of all, courses are way more informative and entertaining than I thought comparing to a proper university language institution. Never really felt dreaded after full day work and study there. My development of implementing Japanese is obvious and I’m actually surprising how much have I learned during this actual short term period. Hayashi sensei is fun, constructive, organised, warm-hearted and helpful and everything great you could’ve imagined. It’s my honour to encounter a such responsible and detailed trainer. (cut off the caffeine tho!!!Sae ;)) I’m just indeed glad that i made a good choice at the first place to have my first step of learning Japanese in BBICOLLEGE. And I’ll continue this incredible journey. I will definitely come back and study at here again in the future. 本当にありがとうございます!

Short comments from Japanese Language learners

  • I think anyone who has a slight interest in the Japanese culture would be suitable to learn. I don’t have any other experience learning at other institutions but BBIC is very suitable to all ranges of fluency.
  • Mature student interested in Japan and Japanese culture. Maybe make a course for Japan Holiday maker ‘An introduction to Japan’ How to get Suica/Pasmo,How Shinkansen ticket works, how to Airport transfer, What is Kimono,What is Onsen, Rules of Japan and some basic Japanese language.
  • Intend to travel to Japan
  • Someone who is motivated and interested in japanese culture.
  • Some that is not lzy and not toxic, with the will of learning Japanese with their free will etc…

From the above results, you may find that BBIC is a school that can be recommended to various people. Each teacher first grasps the goals and needs of the students, and then adjusts the lesson planning and curriculum for them according to the students. For example, some of BBIC students receive full-time work. The teacher prepares teaching materials so that even such people can learn Japanese without burden, and devises so that they can learn happily. In addition, many of the students studying Japanese at BBBIC are highly motivated, and everyone is working hard in both group and private classes.

Actually BBIC proudly boasts one of the highest student satisfaction rates of all Japanese language schools in Australia and our retention rate is also extremely high. All teachers are native speakers born in Japan, and have ample experience teaching Japanese. They strive not just to teach the language, but to keep students happy and motivated.

So it may be recommended for those who want to learn Japanese in such an environment!

We are always looking forward to your application and contacts. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this result. We are currently accepting new applications for Term 1 2024. You can check the details from the link below, so please check

Now we offer Free Japanese lesson and Free assessment!


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