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Why BBIC use the “Japanese for busy people” textbook!?

By BBICollege, Posted on 15/09/2020

The features of “Japanese for busy people”

Hello everyone ! Hope you are doing well 🙂 One of the key points when choosing a school is to pay attention to what kind of textbooks the school uses. Our BBI college uses several textbooks depending on the level of the class. However we mainly use the textbook which is called “Japanese for busy people”.Have you heard this textbook before.? I am introducing the features of this book!

▲ Be able to  check the explanations in English and Japanese on the same page!

There are many Japanese textbooks. However, most textbooks separated the explanations in English and Japanese. So you do have to buy more than 2 textbooks, one is in Japanese and one is in English. Or some textbooks do not have explanations in English, they mean explanations in only Japanese.

You can check the explanations in English and Japanese on the same page in this textbook, so it is easy to study for the people who speak English. If you buy this textbook, you do not have to buy others.

▲There is a dictionary behind the textbook

There is a dictionary behind the textbook. If you are Beginner in Japanese, there are so many words you do not know and you have to search them every time. However if you get this,  you do not have to spend time to search the new words on other dictionary or websites. You just go to the back of the textbook and check what it means. As you see in the title of the textbook, this is for the people who are busy. So this textbook saves you wasted time and helps you learn efficiently. Most of our students work  on the weekdays and they do not have so much time to study Japanese. So we think about this situation and choose this book for them.!

▲ It is easy to study by yourself!

This thing is related to the above, this text book has explanations in English and Japanese. So it is easy to study by yourself outside of class! Most of our students do review and Preparation of the class, so they improve their Japanese skill fast. We are very proud of all our students. Even though you graduate school in the future, you can review by yourself ! You might bring Japan when travelling 🙂

▲ Be able to learn Japanese to be used in various situations

This textbook allows you to learn Japanese for use in business and daily life. Business in Japan is a bit different from other countries. So you are able to learn Japanese business culture in class as well. It would be surprising and interesting for you. So we recommend it to anyone who would like to travel to Japan in the future or who wants to work in Japan.

Please confirm these things and if you would like to know more details, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !!

Ask us anythings 🙂


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