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The Academy aims towards the complete acquisition of education for its students, and are looking to provide an environment where each individual student can think and aim towards their own personal goals at their own pace.
We hope to cultivate individuals who can act as “adults” within Japanese society. By “adult”, we mean individuals who can adjust to society and are independent individuals who can act on their own ideas with responsibility.


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Long-term course Courses starting in April: Course start date The second Monday of April (planned)
Application deadline Around November 15th (subject to discussion)
Please refer to the attachment for Long-term Course Recruitment Guidelines
Courses starting in October: Course start date The first Monday of October (planned)                                
Application deadline Around May 15th (subject to discussion)
Please refer to the attachment for Long-term Course Recruitment Guidelines
Short-term course Please refer to the attachment for Short-term Courses Recruitment Guidelines
Fees Please refer to the attachment for Course Fee
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Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details Please refer to the attachment for Accommodations Details (for the Long-term Course)


Support 1. Finding jobs
The parent company of the Academy, Arrowfield Co., Ltd., has a license in both human resources dispatch and job placement; it can introduce students directly to companies looking for part-time employees. Additionally, the Academy will invite dispatch companies, etc. to the school and conduct information sessions on part-time jobs.
2. Handling emergencies
The Academy has an emergency phone number. If any problems arise, do not hesitate to contact this number. Furthermore, the Academy has its own Facebook and LINE account, and will handle contact on a 24 hour basis from both calls and SNS. You can also contact us here. The Academy and its dorm also have Wi-Fi, making it easy for students to keep in contact.
3. Handling procedures at public institutions
The Academy will provide support for applications, handling, and contact to public institutions such as City Hall and Immigration offices. We will send agents or have someone go to these places with you.
4. Academic facets
Interviews and questionnaires are constantly being carried out with respect to the academic facets of the Academy, in order to provide the lessons and classes that suit our students. Additionally, we are always open to requests with respect to what students want to learn, and will provide academics that fit these requests. We also conduct supplemetary classes for those who request them (generally speaking, these classes are free)
5. Support for students’ daily lives
Besides emergency support, we also provide support for our students’ daily lives. We can inform and introduce students to locations for shopping or sightseeing, and can also accompany students to these places. We also provide support for opening bank accounts or buying cell phones, etc.
6. Scholarships
Our Academy provides its own unique scholarship. We also aid students in applying for public scholarships.
(1) Our Academy’s scholarship
*Scholarships for outstanding students
Awarded twice a year, for 1 to 2 students: 50,000 JPY per student
Selected based on results of end-of-the-term exams, attendance rate, and learning/lifestyle attitudes
*All entrance examination fees waived for those who scored 300 or higher on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (including description)
*All entrance examination fees waived for individuals who have achieved an N2 or N1 level on the JLPT
*Grants provided for moving fees towards students who have been accepted to national or public universities
*Perfect Attendance Award
All students with an attendance rate of 100%, without any absences or latenesses, will receive 5,000 JPY once per year
(2) Scholarships that our Academy recommends
*Privately-funded student scholarship for exchange students : 30,000 JPY/month
*Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Scholarship Funds : 60,000 JPY/month
*LSH Asia Scholarship Board : 100,000 JPY
Universities after graduation Because the Academy does not have any graduates as of now, there are no students who have advanced to higher education. However, though our Academy is still new, we have experienced teaching staff who will provide instruction with respect to academic advancement. They will provide detailed instruction for advancement into universities or graduate schools (including research students), university transfers, advancement to vocational schools, and employment.
Part-time job information As detailed above, the Academy has a robust support system for part-time jobs. Our Academy is located in Osaka prefecture’s Sakai City, a location with developed industrial and commercial districts. This makes it possible for students to find part-time jobs that suit their needs and Japanese proficiency.
Event Examples of Yearly Activities
・Flower viewing
・Traffic safety seminar/crime prevention seminar by the police  
・Disaster prevention training at disaster prevention centers
・Heath checkups
・Tanabata tanzaku decorations
・Festivals and fireworks viewing at Sakai City
・Tea ceremony experience
・Fall colors viewing
・Barbeque parties
・End of the year party
・Kakizome calligraphy
・Sumo observation
・Hand-made crafts experience (food, sweets, traditional Japanese crafts)
・Graduation trip
*Details on activities will be notified via Facebook.

School Data

ADDRESS 3-1-24, Terajicho-higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 590-0962
TEL (+81)-72-256-4360
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
Because the Academy is in its pre-opening stages, there are no current existing classes. However, we are estimating an average of 10 to 15 students per class.
Webpage URL
FEATURE OF SCHOOL Arrowfield Academy is a Japanese language school located in Sakai City of Osaka Prefecture.
Our Academy’s teaching staff are always by our students’ sides to provide support in a variety of areas, such as students’ studies or their day-to-day lives. Our teaching staff also provide close consultations and work together with students regarding academic advancement and part-time jobs.
Furthermore, Sakai City (Osaka Prefecture), where our Academy is located, is a quiet and peaceful area with a rich history. Sakai City is also located near the Kansai International Airport, and provides convenient access to Umeda and Namba in Osaka. Our Academy is in a very convenient location close to a train station, with shopping districts and parks nearby
The Academy contains a library and a room to rest. Furthermore, in the multipurpose room, students can eat and drink, interact with other students, and obtain information regarding academic advancement and part-time jobs. There are also computers that the students can use within the Academy, and Wi-Fi is available.
Furthermore, characteristics of learning at the Academy include:
1. Students can acquire and apply more practical Japanese through the use of our Academy’s original textbooks.
2. There are many opportunities for students to make use of their knowledge and skills.
3. Students can learn through various forms of media and experiences.
4 .There are many types and varieties of tasks prepared for students to utilize their newly-learned knowledge and skills.
5. Items learned can be applied so that students can live more efficiently day-to-day.
6. Students are able to think for themselves, investigate, and create new ideas using the things that they learned.
7. Students will be instructed by teaching staff who have acquired skills in coaching and facilitation as well as aquired skills in coordinating learning and experiential environments.