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Long-term course College Preparatory Courses(1 year / 1 year and 9 months)
These courses are designed for those who come to Japan for the purpose of studying at colleges, universities, and graduate schools. Classes are given everyday (Mondays through Fridays), and the students in these courses can obtain college student visas. The goal of these courses are to acquire the four skills of the Japanese language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in good balance, and make better scores on the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students).
Anyone who wish to learn Japanese intensively are welcome!

*Senior High School graduate or those who have an equivalent education background is required for applying student visa.
(Students from China/Vietnam/Nepal/Myanmar/Sri Lanka/Mongol/Bangladesh are required further condition. Please click here for details)

Application procedure:
1. Submitting documents for application and completing the application fee
2. Skype Interview
3. CCCC submit your documents to the Immigration Bureau of Japan to be examined
4. Receiving approved resident eligibility and CCCC inform you the results of visa screening
5. Completing payments for tuition fee and dormitory(if applicable) and CCCC send you the original document of the authorization of resident eligibility
6. Appling the visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in Australia
7.Informing CCCC when and where you will arrive in Japan with your flight number
8. After arriving, completing admission procedure and placement test

Applications deadline:
April admission: October~November
July admission: February~March
October: April~May

Fees Student Visa
Application Fee: ¥32,400
Registration Fee: ¥108,000
Tuition Fee: ¥648,000
Other costs: ¥87,000
Total: ¥843,000
Short term course
Registration Fee: ¥10,800
Tuition Fee: ¥32,400/2 weeks~
Others: at cost
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Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details 5-15min by walk to school.
The price changes depending on the dorm.
From ¥37,000 per month up (1 apartment unit for 1 student only, utilities are not included)
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Support We support students with study as well as school life.
In emergency, students can contact with school staff even on weekends and school holiday. Of course, after arriving Japan, we assist the students to complete paper work to stay in Japan, and students can get help to write resume to get a job if needed.
On study, students can take tutorial session if we recognise the student need extra time to study. Also, we help studnets from non-Kanji-used countries by Kanji session upon request.
Event Entrance/Graduation ceremony
Visiting shrines, the World Heritages, tourist attractions, and Summer camp
Flower viewing (February)
Speech Contest
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School Data

ADDRESS 4-13-8, Nagata, Ginowan, Okinawa, 901-2212
TEL (+81)-98-893-6467
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
45 students
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FEATURE OF SCHOOL Here at Cross Cultural Communication Center
Annexed Japanese School in Okinawa, you can:
①Learn Thoroughly in a Homelike Atmosphere
If you want to learn Japanese slowly and thoroughly, we can offer you the best environment.
②Enjoy well-balanced Language Education and Human Education
Experience a lot of cross-cultural exchanges along with language education.
③Touch the Japanese Spirit through Traditional Culture of Japan / Okinawa
Learning the culture, customs, and history is indispensable for foreign language education.
④Acquire Living Japanese through Extracurricular Activities and Community Exchanges
You can visit various public facilities as well as historical sites, and enjoy community exchanges as a part of class activities.
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