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High quality education at ECC.

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Long-term course ◆Enrollment: April, July, October and January
◆Timetable: 9:15–12:30 or 13:30-16:45
◆Required documents: (Please download application PDF here)
1. Application for Admission(Form-1 from application PDF)
2. A diploma certificate original
3. Resume(Form-2 from application PDF)
4. Reasons for studying in Japan(Form-2 from application PDF)
5. 5 ID photographs
6. A photocopy of passport
7. A written pledge(Form-3 from application PDF)
・from sponsor
1. Document of financial sponsorship(Form-4 from application PDF)
2. Balance certificate
3. Documents to certify the relationship with applicant.
4. Certificate of occupation
Fees ◆Screening Fee: 20,000yen
◆Enrollment Fee: 50,000yen
・Half a year :340,000yen
・A year :660,000yen
・1.5 years :970,000yen
・2 years :1,270,000yen
◆Miscellaneous expenses:
◎Original school material:
・half a year: 5,000yen
・A year:10,000yen
・1.5 years:15,000yen
・2 years:20,000yen
◎Accident insurance fee
2,000yen/a year


Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details Please click here



Support 1.We provide necessary support for students to live in Japan.
2.We provide counseling and advice to students about learning Japanese.
3.We support students going on to higher education and finding employment.
Universities after graduation About 60% entered into University, Graduate School, College.
Many students have good scores at EJU and are going to school of their choice.
Organisation (Employment) after graduation Several students got a job at a Japanese company.
We also provide employment support for students,including business manners and interview exercises.
Part-time job information There are various jobs such as English teacher,hotel staff, store clerk (convenience store,café・・・)
Event ◆In every semster we hold a Japanese culture experience session for students,such as tea ceremony,colligraphy,summer festival experience,etc.
◆There are also events such as occupational experience and day trips.
◆There is an opportunity to communicate with Japanese people three times a week.

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School Data

ADDRESS 1-16-16, Kanayama, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-0022
TEL (+81)-52-339-2977
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
We have students from various countries such as China,Taiwan,Korea,Philippines,Europe and the United States.
Webpage URL
FEATURE OF SCHOOL ECC molds its reputation around one important, that policy being:
To provide the highest-level language training in a structured classroom atmosphere to those who are highly motivated and willing to succeed. It is also our policy to staff only highly trained, professional teachers to help provide such a positive atmosphere by encouraging and monitoring student progress on a daily basic. ECC offers classes for students from of all levels, from Beginner to Advanced with the ultimate goal being the successful completion of the Grade 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test. ECC has an excellent track record with respect to this test. These statistics speak for the quality of the education that the ECC Japanese Language institute provides,maintains and upholds.

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