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Interculture Language Academy

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Teaching is providing dreams to students. Learning is coplihension of the truth.

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Long-term course Course start day
All courses has 4 times of entering: April, July, October, January
Application due day
April:November 30th, July:March 30th, October:May 30th, January:September 30
Application requirement
University or Vocational school Preparatory Curses:
(1)More than 12 years-study history including high school.

Graduate School, University or Vocational school Preparatory Courses:
(1) Students have Master or Doctor degrees.
(2) Students should have the purpose to study the Japanese Language , and have the history of study Japanese Language documentaly.
Students of all courses can take Japanese & English Conversation class, the Kanji Study class and catch up class. Trial examinations for JLPT and EJU are available.
【General Course / Business Course】
Course start day
April, July, October, January
Application due day
April:November 30th, July:March 30th, October:May 30th, January:September 30
Application requirement
More tha 12 years study history including high school, students should havethe purpose to study Japanese, and have the history of study Japanese Language documentary.
*We supprt how to write the research plan and prepare for JLPT, English (Graduate School); JLPT, EJU including General Subject, Japnese Language, Mathematics(1,2), Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and English as selective subjects (University & Vocational School).
Short-term course 【Intensive Course】
No strict requirements. Any time student start class according to the Intensive course calender. As the optional and selective subjects, students can take preparatory class for JLPT, EJU including General Subject, Japnese Language, Mathematic(1,2), Scince(Physics, Chemicals, Biology) English.
【July and August Summer course / W’mas & New Year Course / Spring Course】
No strict requirements. Study Japanese language in the morning and participate in the extracurriculum activities such as tea ceremony, Budo (Martial arts) including Kendo, Iai and Tameshigiri, wearing Kimono or Yukata, Shodo (Calligraphy), Shogi (Japanese Chess), Kobe City Trip; Tracking Nunobiki Water Fall and Harb Garden, Sorakuen Japanese Garden, Excursion to Kyoto, Nara, Himeji Castle and Universal Studio Japan X’mas & New Year course; Spring course
Fees 【Long term courses】
Tuition :583,200/year, Admission fee: 86,400, Application fee :21,600 Material fee: 54,000, Maintenance fee: 32,400, Insurance fee: 11,900/year
【Intensive course】
Term 1 month to 3 months Enrollment fee \10,800/month; Tuition \48,600/month
【Summer Course, X’mas & New Year course, Spring course】
Total fees including Tuition, dormitory fee and Activities are depending on each schedule. Dormitory fee is depended on the room rental style as a person , 2 persons sharing or 3 persons sharing.


Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details We have rooms of Miwaboshi, Chateau No.#6, #1, #3, Sky Hights, Nagata, Nagata Station Buid. and Koshien Dormitories. All dormitories (except Koshien) locate near ILA schol, and students can come to school on foot. Dormitory fee is basically depended on the rental style of a room by a person , 2 persons sharing or 3 persons sharing. Entrans fee and Deposit are necessary in adition to the rental fee. Miwaboshi is the main dormitory with large rooms with clean condition. It’s main building rooms (6 ~11F) are fully furnitured, and South Anex Building rooms (6F) are very large.


Support Our staff support to find the part timejob for long term students. Stdents who want to get a full-time job in Japan will be supported by our staff who mainly do this job.
Universities after graduation About 50% entered into University, and 5% entered into Graduate School.
Organisation (Employment) after graduation Mitsubishi Factory of Ship, Honda, Kidzania, PES Inc., Queen’s auto Inc., Tnngarman Inc., Andi Inc., Freeplus Inc., Berufu Inc., Everlasting Inc., Kinder Kid International School etc.
Part-time job information Seven-eleven, Lowson, Coop Kobe, Kidzana, Portdelica, Grandpalace Hotel, Love nest etc.
Event Enrollment Cermony and Party, Guidance and Orientation in April, July, October & Jnuary. Spring and Fall Excursions, Lunor New Year Party, X’mas Party, Guidance with the staff of many Universities and Vocational Schools twice in a year, Health Examination twice in a year, First and Second Term Examinations, Graduational Examination, Middle Term Examination and Final Term examinations twice in a year, espectively. Social activities with University, Social activities with Vision Committee of Hyogo Prefectural Government
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School Data

ADDRESS 7-5, Yonbancho, Nagata-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 653-0004
TEL (+81)-78-576-5129
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
300 / 18 persons per class
27 nationalities
Webpage URL
FEATURE OF SCHOOL High rate of entering into advanced Graduate School and University. Many nationalities of students. Highly educated staff cansupport and teach students who have many different needs and hopes.

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