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Studying in Kyoto and connecting to the world!


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Long-term course There are two courses: Academic Course and Integrated studies course
Course Admissions Period
April Admissions (2 years course) September 1-November 20
July Admissions(21 months course) December 1-February 20
October Admissions(18 months course) March 1-May 20
January Admissions(15 months course) June 1-August 20
Application requirements
1.Those who have completed 12 years of formal schooling in their home countries.
2.Those who are above the level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5,J.TEST level F, NAT-TEST level 5.
Applicants who meet the above conditions should apply within 5 years of graduation from the last school attended.
Short-term course Course Schedule
Spring course April-June
Summer course July-September
Fall course October-December
Winter course January-March
Levels: Beginners/Upper Beginners/Intermediate
Classes focus on conversation and extracurricular study once a week, allowing students to experience Kyoto’s culture. This course is designed for visitors on temporary visas and those living in Japan.
Fees Long-term course
First year payment/Admission fee 50,000yen/Tuition fee 600,000yen
Facility expense 24,000yen/Screening fee 30,000yen
Textbooks -actual cost (Tax excluded)
Short-term course
Admission fee 10,000yen/Tuition fee(10 weeks) 175,000yen
Including textbooks (Tax excluded)
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Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details Long-term course
Single room 35,000yen~42,000yen
Shared room 20,000yen~30,000yen
Short-term course
Studio apartment-Utilities, Internet, Bedding are included.
(4-7week) 3,500yen/day (8-10week) 3,000yen/day
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Support providing information on part-time work/jobs
Organizing the job fair
Universities after graduation Kyoto University、Ritsumeikan University,Kyoto Sangyo University
Kyoto Gakuen University,Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Ryukoku University,Kyoto Koka Women’s University
Kyoto City University of Arts,Kyoto Notre Dame University etc
(Outside Kyoto)
Waseda University,Okayama University,Matsuyama University
Japan University of Economics,Osaka Sangyo University etc.
Part-time job information Randomly updated on Facebook
Event Entrance ceremony/Recitation festival/Speech contest/Kanji contest
BBQ party/Coming of Age ceremony/Graduation ceremony
Short-term course
Each week consists of a field trip, such as visiting temples and shrines,making Japanese sweets, joining a factory tour etc.
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School Data

ADDRESS 69, Kitaoiricho, Nishikyogoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 615-0881
TEL (+81)-75-316-0190
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
230 Students in total
15 Students per class on average
Webpage URL
FEATURE OF SCHOOL 1.Providing high quality education for higher education purposes.
2.Deepening the mutual understanding between foreigners and Japanese through international friendship and cross-cultural exchange.
3.Emphasis on mastering the ability to learn about and adop a new life style in Japan after admission.
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