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Study Japanese, Experience Japan.


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Long-term course Beginner (JLPT N5 level or less) >> April Intake (Max 2 years duration)Other levels >> July, October, January

If your level is JLPT N5 or above, depending on your level and intended duration of study, you may also apply for the July, October or January intake.

**Applying for a Student Visa in Japan is a long and involved process.
To ensure a smooth application process, please enquire at least 6 months before your intended intake of study, or consult us ASAP to find the most suitable intake and duration for you.

Short-term course Short Term Courses and Holiday Courses available!Short Term Course – (For residents or tourist visa holders)
You may join us any time as long as there is a class suitable to your level!
(Beginner classes start in April)
Holiday Course – (For tourist visa holders)Study with us and experience Japan for a short time with additional activities!
Fees For 2 years Course
Application Fee – JPY 21,600
First Year Fees – JPY 740,600
Second Year Fees – JPY 686,620
Includes: Registration fees, textbooks and teaching materials, activities, facility usage, student insurance
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Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details – Various dormitories within 3-10 minutes walking distance from school location and 2 train stations- Very close to many facilities: post offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, parks, libraries, restaurants, karaokes and more!

– Shared room (2to1) = JPY25,000, Single Room = JPY 35,000
(Prices may vary slightly depending on exact location and building)

– More accommodation options available. Enquire for more details!



Support – Pre-application consultation and full student support in: Japanese, English, Mandarin, Vietnamese

Student support is provided in the following areas:
– Part-Time Work Matching and Support, including emergency contact!
– Future Planning: Further studies and employment in Japan
– Medical issues and emergencies
– Welfare counselling

Universities after graduation Further Studies Support
– EJU Preparation
– Document preparation
– Interview practice
Organisation (Employment) after graduation Employment Support
– Resume / entry sheet preparation
– Interview practice
Part-time job information – Consult with our staff for part-time job matching and support!
– Many opportunities from neighbourhood businesses and regional companies!
– Special short-term part-time work opportunities at holiday locations that allow you to work during your shift, and then enjoy the facilities after work or on your off-days!
Event Class outing and activities / sports / field trips / graduation trips / cooking classes / parties / BBQs / language exchange / neighbourhood community events / festivals / and more!!
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School Data

ADDRESS 3F Yuasa Bldg, 1-1-6, Higurashi, Matsudo City, Chiba, 270-2253
TEL (+81)-47-389-0901
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
– Maximum capacity of 300 students
– Class sizes of 12 to 20 students per class
– Students from all over the world! US, UK, EU, Asia, Oceania
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– 30years of providing quality Japanese language education
– Passionate and qualified teachers with vastly different backgrounds
– Many cultural and community activities and language exchange opportunities!
– Curriculum focused on both practical Japanese, and JLPT preparation – essential skills and qualifications!

– Quiet, peaceful bed town environment
– Accessible location, unparalleled convenience
– 1 min walking distance from 2 train stations from 2 separate train lines
– Very close to Tokyo (30 mins by train), yet has Chiba’s affordable cost of living. Travel to Ueno, Akihabara, Asakusa, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Disney Resort, Odaiba, Makuhari Messe and more within an hour or less!

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