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Avoiding fight and argument, respecting senior, loving junior, learning good knowledge, and contoributing to society.


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Long-term-course Application The applicant should be the person who satisfies all the following conditions:
*Educational background Completed 12 years of educational process or prospective graduate students at the end of fiscal year at foreign countries.
*Age Within 5years after graduated from the last school he/she completed.
*Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level (N5) or above at the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or the equivalent.
Starting month
Application due day
1 year Practical Japanese
Beginning of September to middle of November
1 year Practical Japanese
Beggining of April to middle of May
1.9-year College Preparatory
Beggining of January to middle of March
1.6-year College Preparatory
Beggining of April to middle of May
2 years College Preparatory
Beggining of September to middle of November
Short-term-course This course is for the person who has difficulty studying in Japan for a long term, and who would like to come to Japan for the working holiday.
We offer lessons mainly on Listening and Conversation with activities for supporting students to acquire the useful Japanese language skills.
After finishing your study, if you would like to continue your study, you can take the next 3 months course.
April class:April~June
October class:October~December for 3 months. (Please apply 1month before)
First 3 months:¥152,000- 
Next 3 months: ¥139,000- (Extension of the term)
※If you would like to apply for 1 or 2 months short course also the start date, please feel free to contact us.
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Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details Deposit:\30,000 Accommodation fee:\30,000(Per month)
※Price including Utilities expenses. If the Utilities cost more than regulation charge, you will need to pay actual costs.
【Facilities】:Refrigerator, Washing machine, Desk, Bedding, etc.
【Location】Within 15 minutes walk from JCS Academy.
【Deposit】We will deduct Room Creaning fee and Key money from your deposit, and if there is no damage in the room then we will refund the rest of deposit when you move out.


Support 【Education support】 Study support by class teacher・Monthly carreer counseling・School life support・JLPT・EJU
【Life Support】 Accommodation support・Disaster measure・Anticrime measure・Geographical support
【Activity Support】Introduce Community activities・Provide local information・School library 
【Emergency Support】 Provides around the clock service・Contingency Support
Universities after graduation We support to prepare for entrance to University such as application form preparation and mock interviews through periodic career counseling.
1.5 year course:Students have to decide on the course to take after graduation in an early stage.
Therefore we support to prepare for decide to the course and instruct your weak subject.
2 year course:In the 1st year, we support to decide on the course to take after graduation.
In the 2nd year, we instruct acquire skills to pass your preferred school.
Organisation (Employment) after graduation If you have a bachelor degree, you can apply for work permit in Japan. Some of students got work permit after graduated from our school.
Part-time job information We can notice up Hiring document from the companies also teach for how to write the Resume.You can find the part time job with comparative ease in Okinawa.
Event 【Annual event】Sports event・Beach party・Speech contest
【One day trip】Okinawa Churaumi aquarium
【Japanese cultural】Naha great tug of war exeperience・New year’s party・Shrine visit・Eisa-dancing experience・Tanabata(a star festival)

School Data

ADDRESS 2-11-13, Kume, Naha-City, Okinawa, 900-0033
TEL (+81)-98-862-0045
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
150 students / 15 nationality (Maximum 20)
Webpage URL https://okinawajcs.com/index.html
FEATURE OF SCHOOL JCS Academy teach the student not only studying Japanese, but also studying the etiquette and thoughtfulness as the basis for communication. And we set out that our students from various countries think about the modern society’s problems of environment, differential.
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