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WAKAYAMA YMCA College Japanese Language Courses

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The Wakayama YMCA was founded in 1977 and started several activities in the heart of Wakayama City.
We aim to encourage young people develop their personality and reach their full potential. We have developed several programs that we proud of. These programs involve activities such as training for young people, community service, international exchange and friendship based on Christian values with the goal to build an affluent society.
The Japanese Language dept. started in April, 2002 and offers Japanese language classes to foreign students and value cultural exchange and involvement with the local community. We want to help our students become leaders of our globalized, multicultural world.


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Long-term course See attached PDF file
Short-term course See attached PDF file
Fees Long-term Course 2 years : ¥1,300,000-
1 year 6 months : ¥1,000,000-
1 year : ¥700,000-
Short-term Course 3 months : ¥200,000-
Intensive Course 2 weeks : ¥60,000-
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Accomodation Details

Accomodation Details Students can live at our dorms as soon as they come to Japan.
In the case a student decides to live in the student dorms, they must present the appropriately filled out an application form.
Location: Within 10 minutes from school Equipment: Western style room (about 10㎡floor size) with air conditioner, includes a kitchen, bath and toilet
Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, rice cooker, bed, basic sleeping necessities (futon), and desk are fully equipped there. The internet contract is entirely the responsibility of the students.
Fees: Application Fee: 50,000yen
Fire Insurance Fee: 6,000yen (per year)
*Electricity, gas and water monthly fees are entirely the responsibility of the students, and are to be paid every month in addition to the monthly rent.
Room fee: 34,000yen to 40,000yen
* If two students share a room, the rent is 17,000yen to 20,000yen each.
* In case wishing to live less than 6 months, the term is different from the above. Please confirm it before the application.
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Support (Finding job:Full-time/Part-time, Emergency, etc) The homeroom teacher and other persons in charge are always there to support the students for their various questions and/or trouble with regards to not only academic choices and guidance counseling, but also general everyday life issues. Moreover, Students of the Wakayama YMCA are not limited to the support services provided directly by its staffs and teachers, but also benefit from the generous help of numerous volunteers.
1. Conversation Tutor
After school hours, once a week, students may have a one hour Japanese conversation class with a volunteer tutor. Students can practice their conversation skills while learning about Japanese customs, way of thinking and everyday life habits.
2. Home stay, Home Visit
During the long vacation times or the weekends, students can have the chance of directly experiencing the everyday Japanese life style (house, food, habits) with a Japanese family.
3. Cultural experiences
Students can experience Japanese seasonal events such as Weaver festival (TANABATA) and Doll festival (HINA MATSURI), or Japanese culture such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony and wearing a KIMONO.
Universities after graduation Hokkaido University Graduate School, Tsukuba University Graduate School, Nagoya University Graduate School, Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School, Osaka City University Graduate School Hokkaido University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Kyushu University
HAL College of Technology of Design, Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo Mode Gakuen, Tsuji Cooking Academy, etc
Organisation (Employment) after graduation Interpreter, Engineer, English teacher, Registerd nurse, etc
Part-time job information 2months after the start of classes, students take the first end of semester tests. Depending on the results of those tests(A score more than 60), as well as class attendance ratio(More than 93%) and class attitude, the school will decide whether to file the permission request application to allow students to have a part-time job. A part-time job that in any way impedes school achievement is strongly discouraged. Most part-time jobs are in restaurants and factories, and the average hourly wage is between ¥750 and ¥850 per hour. Visa requirements limit work to 28 hours per week.
Approximate monthly wage is ¥80,000.
Event Apr. Field Trip
May Welcome party
Jun. Level check Test
Jul.- Aug. Japanese Home visits
Sep. Speech contest, Level check test, YMCA festival
Oct. Welcome Party
Nov. Field trip
Dec. Level check Test
Feb. Visits with the community
Mar. Level check Test, Graduation ceremony
and each seasonal events offerd by volunnteer tutor
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School Data

ADDRESS 1-12-13, Oda, Wakayama city, Wakayama, 640-8323
TEL (+81)-73-473-3338
Number of students
(Nationality mix)
(Total/ Average of one class) 109 / 15 as os October 2017 (Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Phillippines, Myanmar, India, Brazil)
Webpage URL www.wakayamaymca.org/jpn
FEATURE OF SCHOOL The goal is to obtain enough fluency in the language to allow students to study at colleges, universities and graduate school, engage in business or live in Japan.
Lessons are taught with the goal of developing the 4 basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Preparatory classes of mathematics, social studies and science are also offered for the students aiming to enter a Japanese college or university.
Preparatory classes are covered by the basic tuition, only the materials fee is required.
For students coming from countries that do not use Chinese characters (Kanji), there are extra kanji classes that are available after school hours.
The kanji lessons are also covered by the basic tuition, only the materials fee is required.
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