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Japanese Culture Episode8: Chocolate from Japan

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 14/03/2018

Japanese Culture Episode8: Chocolate from Japan

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Who likes chocolate?


Who likes Japanese chocolate?


I knew it.


Japanese chocolate makes people crazy as it is really delicious. Of course every Japanese food is so nice but many students buy us chocolate as a souvenir from Japan even we are Japanese.

I asked one of the students, why is it so nice? you have chocolate here.

‘Oh, it’s so nice because it has flavour and not too sweet. I can taste cacao.’

Wow, comments like MKR judge.



This is her favourite, Meiji Dark Chocolate.

She is really crazy about this…




Here is my favourite, Galbo chocolate and cookie inside.



Must try when you find them!!!



Bty, it’s Valentine’s Day today.

We ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s day in Japan but it is more an ‘event’ for boys and girls. On Valentine’s day, Girls give chocolate to favourite boy and ask ‘Would you like to date with me?’=こくはくします in Japanese. Boys receive chocolate in person or find it in their desk with a letter(Students have own desk at school in Japan).



Girls spend a lot of time to prepare the chocolates for this day, some of them prepare hand-made chocolate.

We started this culture in 1970’s as Chocolate company promote their product for Valentine’s day event, and it became one of the biggest annual event in Japan. Nowadays, girls have chosen wines and fashion items other than chocolates as some boys do not like sweets. However, still chocolate commercial competition is here.


Of course, girls are raelly excited on Valentine’s Day.

But you know what?

Boys are more curious if they can get any chocolate… ( ´Д`)=3


Good luck boys and girls!!!!




Let’s go to Japan to get some chocolate!

Let’s study with us before going to Japan!

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