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Japanese Speech contest NSW devision

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 21/03/2017

BBICollege Japanese Language in Sydney


Japanese speech contest was held at University of Sydney last Saturday.


One of my students decided to participate in Japanese Speech contest at the last minute. It was one month ago. Since then, she had been practicing her speech in class sooooo hard and I correct her pronunciation and grammatical mistakes. Even though she had to submit her assignment from Uni during that time, she put a lot of efforts into speech preparation. At the last lesson before the contest, I was impressed her speech and presentation. So I was kind of sure that she would make it through.

It was a beautiful day to walk to University of Sydney. Everyone including the audience were welcome by some opening ceremony addresses. One of the professors from Sydney Uni introduced that it is the first time to organise the contest at Sydney Uni even though they have 100-year-history of Japanese language education in Australia.

My student was in Open Division, which had 14 other competitors. I sat and listened all participants’ speech in other divisions, Open Beginner Division and Background Division. Every speech was impressive, and I was really happy to listen to them as a Japanese teacher.

Let’s go back to my student. She made the topic ‘一万時間の法則 (10,000 hour rule)’ which states that we have to spend 10,000 hours to be a professional in a specific field. Quite interesting topic, isn’t it? But we need not only to spend 10,000 hours but also have a great sense, strong objective, and efficient practice. I understand why she can be a serious learner of Japanese too. And at the same time, I am motivated to teach her and students of Japanese language more comprehensively.


And do you know the result?



She won the Special Prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am really proud of her and could not be happier than this!!!!

I could not really sleep on that night….



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