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Tourist Attraction Episode3: かわごえ Kawagoe

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 23/05/2017

Who visited Tokyo?

Most of you say YES.


How about Kawagoe?

It takes about 1 hour from the middle of Tokyo by train,

and you can feel a old style town!


Kawagoe is as known as ‘Koedo’ which means ‘small Edo town’.

As you might know, Edo is old name of Tokyo,

and Kawagoe remains old style house and shops.

So you feel like you are time traveling in Edo era (300 years ago).

Kawagoe-tokino kane



While looking around the town, you will see a lot of Temples and Shrines in the area.

More than 100!!!!!

Kawagoe-temple evening


Hikawa Shrine is one of the must-go lists as it is really good for relationships.

When we say ‘relationship (En えん 縁), people usually think as relationship in love.

But En えん, in general, that provide us wonderful relationships in love, job, neighbourhood, friend… everything/everyone you meet in your life.


Kawagoe-hikawa-omikuji Kawagoe-hikawa-shrine


Walking down the main street, do you want something to eat?


This sweets called Imokoi いもこい is amazing!!

It has a slice of sweet potato and sweet red bean covered with Mochi, so tastes like Manju/Buns.

You must love this!


Kawagoe-koedo beer

Coedo Beer is another option for your walking.

Local craft beer.

As people are allowed to drink alcohol on the street, some people do so especially in summer!

I visited in winter time so no one did…. neither do I….



Would you like to start Japanese course in Summer?

Many school already opened the application for the courses start from July!

There are some Summer Short course in Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya, etc.

Please inquiry us for more information!




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