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Japanese Beginner Lesson in Sydney

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 14/09/2017

We provide General Japanese course, and Beginner course is the most popular because of our well-structured lesson to begin learning Japanese!!


This course is for Beginners but who have already kicked off their Japanese study.
The teacher will still use the indirect method but use Japanese which the students have learnt as much as possible. This is because we believe that teacher’s talk is important input for the students. After studying basic Japanese at Beginner1, the students are encouraged to communicate in Japanese more and more.

This course aims to:
– Be able to communicate at shop/restaurant, express objects in detail.
– Understand further Japanese culture and customs.

Course information
Start date: 9 October
Monday 6:00pm – 8:00pm
$330 / 8sessions

Special Beginner Course

This course is for completely beginner.
We use the indirect method (teaching Japanese in English) because students will be more confident to understand what the teacher says and participate in class. Each class is designed along with the textbook, Japanese for Busy People, and the students will be able to learn the grammar structures through a variety of activities.

This course aims to:
– Learn basic Japanese
– Understand Japanese writing systems and culture throughout useful expressions
– Be able to do self-introduction, talk about daily routine and activities.

Course information
Start date: 02 November
Saturday 6:00pm-7:30pm
$100 / 8sessions

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