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Japanese Culture Episode7 : End-year Clean Up

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 13/09/2017

Japanese Culture Episode7: End-year Clean Up

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It’s only two weeks to end up 2017.



In Japan, we have a big clean-up (おおそうじ、Oosooji)day at the end of the year.

This おおそうじ Ooosooji means ‘Clean-up one year dust and welcome to good luck next year.’


I still remember my mom made me and my sister to help her.
So it is not a good memory to clean-up my house now, but I have to because no one else does that…


Anyways, what do you do when you usually clean your room/house?



Cleaning toilet?




Running away?




Yes, that is also a part of End-year clean up おおそうじ (except for running away!) . We clean more carefully.


If you only vacuum or sweep the floor, let’s mop.

If you only wipe the toilet, let’s scrub.

If you only wash your water bottle, let’s breach.

If you do not even clean your room, let’s do it!!!!


Also, End-year clean up おおそうじ, we clean where we do not usually clean.

For example,

Screen door

Top of the roof






Let’s clean up your room/house to take off bad luck of this year and be ready for welcoming good luck for next year!!


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