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Japanese Culture Episode6: Business Manner in Japan 日本のビジネスマナー

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 23/11/2017

Japanese Culture Episode6: Business Manner in Japan 日本のビジネスマナー


Upon the students’ request, Japanese Advanced2 class will be learning current affairs as well as business manners in Japan and Keigo 敬語 (humble&honorific expression).


Japanese people are expected to behave as 社会人(しゃかいじん shakai-jin), an adult in Japanese society when starting to work whatever the work style is. Some companies organise business manner seminar for new employees so that they can learn how to behave appropriately, others don’t and new employees have to learn from senior – せんぱい senpai- employees on the job training. Many people, both Japanese and foreign people, say that business manner in Japan is really hard to learn. It is probably because that business manner in Japan is one of the unique Japanese cultures. But, like to be able to use chopsticks, if we practice little by little, of course, we will be able to use them.


What we need to know when we are in business are:

– Keigo 敬語
– Exchanging business card
– Seating posittion
– Bowing
– Moving carriage
– Punctuality
– Appropriate topics in conversation, etc.




When I announced the students in Japanese Advanced1 class that we will learn Keigo and Business manners in Japanese Advanced2 class, they screamed like

Oh… you will be fine.


Anyways, unfortunately, business manner is essential when you start business with Japanese people/at Japanese company. But in other word, you have a great opportunity to learn business manner and that leads a success in business and/or relationship with Japanese people!!


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