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Japanese Food Episode4: かきごおり Kakigoori

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 17/08/2017

BBICollege Japanese Language Blog:
Japanese Food Episode4 かきごおり Kakigoori


If you see this flag on a street,

its time to eat Kakigoori!!!

Kakigoori is known as shaved ice and some countries have similar dessert.

As we saw through Hanabi-taikai and Yukata previously, Kakigoori is another option to feel summer in Japan.

Historically, people started to eat Kakigoori 1000 years ago. However, very limited people were able to eat Kakigoori at the time.


One of sweets shops in Yokohama started to sell Kakigoori 150 years ago and it dramatically spread to among common people.

Since then, Kakigoori becomes really popular as sweets.


What is your favourite flavour, by the way?




Bule Hawaii…

They above are basic flavours and most Kakigoori shops have them.


Nowadays, Kakigoori started developing their appearance and variety of flavour.

Green tea syrup with sweet red bean and mochi

Very Japanese. Yes please!!


With some fruits.


With melon.



With ice cream on top.

This is called Haro-haro and sold at Mini Stop (convenience store).

Haro-haro is really popular because we start with rich ice cream, experience different texture with fruit jelly and mochi, then finish with freshness of Kakigoori.

Must try food if you go to Japan in summer time.



You can’t find the flag or Mini Stop?

Don’t worry.

Japanese technology bring Kakigoori machine to you to make Kakigoori at home!!!

What you have to do is; Prepare a big ice block before you feel like to eat Kakigoori.


Spin the handle on the top/side as much as you want to have.

Now, enjoy your Kakigoori.



Recommended Kakigoori shops in Tokyo (Article in Japanese)



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