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Japanese wisdom Episode2: 地震 Jishin (Earthquake)

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 11/03/2018

Japanese wisdom Episode2: 地震 Jishin (Earthquake)



I was in Japan and in class at that time.

It was 11th March 2011.


Of course, I experienced so many times of earthquakes before, but it was just the scariest experience ever. When I realised the earthquake, thought it is as usual. Because a lot of small and big earthquakes happen in a year, many Japanese people think ‘Here we go. A small one again.’ when the ground starts shaking.

But it was….. massive.


It has been 7 years.

Some quick recovers were introduced on TV and amazed many people all over the world.


How have Japanese people been living with so many earthquakes?



Back in Edo period (more than 400 years ago), people already considered how to protect themselves and some castle had a kind of shelter room beside a castle, that people can go in when an earthquake hits.

Since then, we have been developing our strategy for earthquakes.

For example, after Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we revise the strength of building and the law of architecture became strict. This is because there are many fires after building clasping, which we should have learned from Kanto Earthquake in 1923.

Also, we realised that some foreign people did not notice the warnings because the message was Japanese and hard to understand for Japanese learners. So, we are encouraged to use easier Japanese when warning foreigners ans there is a guideline.

Residents are encouraged to prepare an emergency bag including:

– Some bottles of water,

– Food (Cookies, candies,

– Capable toilet,

– Blankets, etc

to survive for the first three days until we get rescued or lifelines are back in normal.


Prediction…. maybe it takes more time to establish…



Here is a quote for you.

そなえあれば うれいなし

Literally: If you get prepared, you do not need to worry.

→ You can never be too prepared.




Let’s join our Japanese lesson!!

You can be never too prepared for Japanese study!!

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