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Tourist Attraction Episode 2: 紅葉 (こうよう/Kouyou)

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 09/03/2016

Everyone likes Sakura in Japan.
As a native Japanese, I also really love Sakura season.

But do you know Kouyou season in Japan??

Kouyou is the leaves change its colour from green to red/orange/yellow in Autumn.



Kouyou tells us summer has finished and winter is coming.
This season is a transition time.


Because it is getting cooler and cooler, the mountains are getting bold, and
it will be covered with snow white, which means only one colour,
we feel nostalgia with Kouyou.

‘They put colour on them because it will be nothing soon’




We reflect Kouyou in Japanese sweets.


Sigh… They are so beautiful…


Hyogo has one of the greatest spots to see Kouyou in Japan.






It is simply nice to see Kouyou in Kobe as well.


Interculture Language Academy in Kobe can take you those spots as day trip activity if you take any courses there.
They open short course on January, April, July, and October.
But if you wish to go in different time, they also organise the short course based on your request.
They are really flexible and very warm atmosphere so it is suitable for people who wants to go to Japan as study (even as trip) for the fist time.

Interculture Language Academy



Further inquiry:
TEL 02-9264-8803


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