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Tourist Attraction Episode1: Fujisan

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 29/01/2016

One of my unforgettable experiences in my life is climbing Fujisan (Mt. Fuji).

Sunrise view from Fujisan↓ (I took this pic!!)


It was so tough to reach the top but sooooooo amazing!!!!

I can’t find any word to explain…


Fujisan is a famous symbol of Japan for foreigners.

Became the World Heritage in 2013! Fainally! Yay!

Fujisan is a sacred symbol for Japanese people.

We can see Fujisan from everywhere in Japan and Japanese people think Fujisan watches over us.

There is a shrine on the top of Fujisan.

Some people climb up to the top to make the wish come true.


You can climb to the top between July to September.

Other than that, you can enjoy beautiful Fujisan view.

(You can go up to half way by car/bus anytime)


Fujisan has a lot of ‘faces’.

Fujisan with snow/without snow.

Fujisan covered with cloud.

Upside down Fujisan.




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