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Matsuri in Sydney

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 23/01/2016

Do you know Matsuri – Japanese Festival?

It’s coming on Saturday 10th December!

Here is the link:





One of my students participates in Matsuri as a Volunteer.

She has been learning Japanese with me for almost one year, but never been Japan yet.

So she asked me one day what kind of stools they can have in Matsuri this year.

As I mentioned some stools in Matsuri in Chatswood, I told her we have:

Food stools (Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Wata ame-cotton candy, Ikayaki-grilled squid, Morokoshi-grilled corn, etc)

Activity stools (Yoyo-water balloon, Kingyo sukui-catching gold fish, Shateki-shooting game)

in Matsuri.

Like Matsuri in Sydney, Matsuri in Japan are also held in summer.

“Matsuri” literally means ‘governing’ and ‘managing’.

As there are some typhoon and some disease occur in summer, we organise Matsuri to manage them.

Nowadays, it has been becoming more entertainment events.

But Matsuri is one of the important perspective of Japanese culture.




Matsuri season is the other nice season to visit Japan.

Some Japanese schools have short-term course around this time.

Also, some have long term courses starting from July.

(Application for July course will finish at the end of April)

Just pop in the course and feel REAL summer in Japan!!

Consult us about you Japanese study and we will be able to support your study:)



This is a funny story following that conversation with my student.

She said she was expecting to be in charged with Takoyaki stand as she loves it (crazily lol),

but she will be at the head quarter tent.

And she is a bit upset and said she is coming to Takoyaki stand many times.

If you are interested in, please feel free to join the Matsuri volunteer member and help my student to eat Takoyaki!


TEL: 02-9264-8803



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