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Travel Tips in Japan Episode2:Kanagawa 神奈川

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 24/04/2018

Travel Tips in Japan Episode2:Kanagawa 神奈川


Yes, I’m from Yokohama, Kanagawa.

It’s 30min away from Tokyo by train. (Access is down at the bottom)

It is great idea to take day trip to a couple of areas in Kanagawa if you stay in Tokyo for a several days.


Yokohama is one of the largest cities in Japan. Because of the convenience of commuting and cheaper property, people sometimes choose Yokohama area as their ‘Bed-town’.

I like Sydney because it’s similar to Yokohama.

Harbour city


Contrast of CBD area and outskirts

We have Chinatown too.


About 150 years ago, at the end of Edo period, Captain Perry landed in Uraga (a bit down from Yokohama) and foreign people started to settle down in Yokohama since then.

Therefore, there are a lot of Western architectures and atmosphere in Yokohama.


By the way, I was born in Fujisawa so I prefer to mention my hometown is Fujisawa when talking with Japanese people. I say I’m from Yokohama for convenience as not many foreign people know Fujisawa….

OK. Fujisawa is located in the middle of Kanagawa and faces to the ocean. Kugenuma beach is famous for surfing and the location of international surfing competition so some of them might have heard the name.

A little island Enoshima is attached to the edge of Fujisawa, and you can enjoy fresh seafood there. I love eating raw/boiled silver fish.



If you take Eno-den train, Kamakura is your destination, that is another old and historical town other than Kyoto and Nara.

Minamoto Yoritomo settled down and started his politics in Kamakura about 800 years ago. He chose Kamakura because Kamakura faces to the ocean and is surround by mountains so that no one can invade. Yoritomo built a lot of temples and shrines, and each of them has different features. Main shirine-Yoritomo’s government, temple of Hydrangea, temple of barragarts… and Daibutsu!!!


Hase-temple has the second largest daibutsu (Buddha statue), and you can go inside of his body…!!


Oops, I nearly forget about food.

If you walk down Komachi-street, one beside from the main street to the main shrine-Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, you will be fascinated by every single food on the street. Fresh home-made rice cracker, flavoured beans, mochi skewers, croquet, inari sushi, crape, ice cream…

OMG I’m hungry…

But my recommend is….. Hato-sabure!!!

It’s buttery flaky pigeon shaped cookie. It’s just yummy. You must try.

Great for souvenir too.




Tokyo station to Yokohama station

Take Tokaido Line for 25 minutes.

Tokyo station to Fujisawa station

Take Tokaido line for 45 minutes.


Tokyo station to Kamakura station

Take Yokosuka Line for 55 minutes.


Fujisawa station to Kamakura station

Take Eno-den (Enoshima dentetsu Line) for 35 minutes.

Eno-den runs through Kugenuma beach and Enoshima island and the big Daibutsu are on the way to Kamakura.



Study Travel Japanese at BBIC before going to Japan!!!

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If you choose Tokyo area from two-week to four-week study in the morning, free to off to Kanagawa for day trips!!

Get ready for escaping to summer !!


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